What Are The Seven Forms Of Fine Arts?

The application or expression of human imaginations and skill visually is known as art. Throughout history, it has been linked to human life and is used as a source of expression and as a universal language in which beauty and philosophy prevails. In Ancient Greece, the division of high arts emerged which was created to be appreciated with the eyes and ears.  It was divided into 6 forms of fine arts ant one of them was added later in the 20th century.

If you are interested to know more about the seven forms of fine arts then in this article, we will describe briefly, the seven forms, so read the article till the end.

  • Architecture


The first form of the fine arts is architecture. The dexterity and great use of skills are required to create buildings which are harmonically built with space and stand-by time. For the ancient Greeks, architecture was  the most basic aspect of its civilization and art as they had to face a great challenge of the erection of Alexandria, the historical building.

  • Sculpture


Sculptures are 3D structures, made out of any material, and can be created by carving, assembling, molding, and casting. It is one of the seven forms of art since ancient times and still it is considered the basic forms of fine art.

  • Painting


The most familiar form to us, amongst the 7 forms of fine art, is painting. Also, it is categorized as the most recognized disciplines since antiquity.  People have used it as a source of expression and a mechanism to capture reality and imaginations. There have been hundreds of famous artists in the past that is why it is no wonder that today it remains the most popular and appreciated fine arts.

  • Music


One of the most down to earth approaches to fine art is music. It consists the ability to use instruments to create beautiful sounds. This form of creation has accompanied humanity from its existence, is a form of communication but also an art that above all generates pleasure.

  • Literature


Use of words for creation is one of the forms of fine arts and is known as literature. Not only just literature it also covers the area of poetry. Both of them have served humanity since ancient times as a way of communication.

  • Dance


Dance includes the energetic movements of the body to the beat of the music and it is one of the seven forms of arts. Also, this serves as the most joyful source of expression that we can enjoy. It is used as a form of expression, spiritual interaction, social connection and non-verbal communication.

  • Theater


From the writing of the scenery, direction and interpretation of the actors, theater involves all the skills of arts. This form of art was already famous in Greek and Roman civilizations and has been used not only as a way of verbal and non-verbal communication but as a way to express emotions.

  • Cinema


Cinema was added to the list of fine arts in the twentieth century by Ricciotto Canudo. He was theorist and film critic, who in his 1911 ‘Manifesto of the seven arts’ coined the term seventh art to include film amongst the fine arts. Today it is the most popular and familiar means of artistic expression in the world, with audiovisual pieces of great value that are considered classics among scholars.

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