If you are thinking to party hard and party with some style, then you should probably think to throw a 30s themed party. it would be such a classic theme to choose due to the grace and vibe of 30s hype and the great history. in case you have decided to throw a 30s themed party, then we will help you with different tips and ideas how to arrange with proper arrangements.

how to throw 30s themed party

There might be anyone of your own reason which provokes to throw a 30s themed party. it might be due to the reason that you are fed up with the 21st centuries partying style and want some classic music and essence held by the people of the 30th century. The guest you are inviting to your 30s themed party should be informed by you at least to dressing in the blend of 30s themed party costume.

Along with that, there are many other things as well for which you have to look around. These could include the classic music of 30’s themed party. You should also decorate the whole party venue to make it look like you are in the past. So, in this article, we should help you how to throw a 30s theme party including some great ideas and tips.

Explore the Period of the 30s: Their Living and Lifestyle

The very first thing you have to do is to search the time period of the thirties, how was that time period like. What was their lifestyle? Do a brief research about their fashion sense. You also have to know about their music taste. If you all about 30s themed parties like and their music, dressing, and lifestyle then you could make your party lit. you should also have to know about their culture, this will also help you a lot when you are planning to throw a 30s themed party.


Putting all thing aside, the time period of the thirties was even different in every part of the world. If we explore more details, we would come to know that even in one country there was the difference in cultural inheritance and music taste as well. So, to overcome this you could explore more and more because it would be pretty complicated. You could include some jazz music along with some gangster looks to make it look like 30s themed party.

The Historic Time of Hollywood History

When you are on the move to throw a 30s themed party than one of the best ideas which would pop-up to mind would be to make the guests dress like the Hollywood stars. This is due to the reason that 30s were the historic time in the history of Hollywood. It brought the new life to the Hollywood. After the world suffered from the World War One, they were the pioneers to bring up the cheering faces to the screens.


To arrange the complete decoration, you should use the red colored carped at the entrance and cover the walls with the big sized posters of the stars. The posters would be black or the golden in color. This would give them the feel of being a star.

30s Themed Party Music Taste (Swing Jazz)

30s Themed Party Music Taste

The music was the core of that time without bringing the right music on the party, it won’t lift the moods. That time was known for the music taste although it was much different from this era. But the music of that time is still remembered. The most popular of that time was swing jazz, ragtime & some other. The most popular music records include Bing Crosby, Irving Berlin and followed by many others.

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