Leg Exercises To Tone And Slim Thighs

Slim and toned up body is the dream of every young or old, male or female and even the children. If you are looking for a slim body, you need to do regular exercises, that work on all body parts. But specifically, hips, belly and thighs require special attention to achieve this goal. These are the parts which are vulnerable to fat accumulation. Therefore, consistent work out plans and controlled diet are required to keep these areas toned.

tone and slim thighs

There are several exercise packages for these areas of the body but here we are talking about the Thighs. To eliminate the accumulation of extra fats on thighs, we suggest following exercises.

Follow Sports Activity

Only doing specific exercises for slimming thighs cannot produce results. Therefore, it is very important for you to follow some good sports activities and make it a regular part of your work out plans. When you play sports, the immediate effect on your body is, burning of calories and enhancing the rate of metabolism in your body, which ultimately results in lesser fat accumulation.

For legs and thighs, the best sports activity is cycling, swimming or skating. Playing tennis is also much beneficial for legs and thighs. To bring consistency in your endeavor, we recommend following one or any combination of these sports at least 3-4 days a week. A session of half an hour is good to start with, which can be increased as per your stamina and availability of time.

Once you are accustomed to your favorite sports, now it’s time to enter into specific work out plans, aimed at slim thighs.


Squats are considered the best exercise for slim thighs. For doing squats, stand upright with legs firmly grounded, feet slightly separated. Arms should also remain stretched parallel to ground. Now bend your knees, keeping arms in the same position. Make sure that the back must remain straight. Keep bending down so that the buttocks come closer to the lower parts of your legs.


Now raise up slowly and repeat squats for 15 to 20 times in three sessions a day. It may be little harder in the beginning but you will get comfortable shortly. Once you are comfortable with 20 squats in a session, you may increase the number as per your convenience.


Next useful exercise for slim thighs is known as Scissors Exercise. Scissors can be done by lying sidewise on an exercise mat. Keep the body straight. Rest the head on your palm, while elbow firmly anchored on the mat. Both legs straight and feet touching each other. Now lift one leg straight upwards, almost making a right angle with your body.

scissors exercises

It may be difficult in the beginning to raise the leg so much, but keep on trying to lift to the maximum possible level. Now, slowly bring down the leg to its original posture. Repeat for 10 times. Then shift the side and raise the other leg for 10 times. Do at least 3 sets in a session

Scissors With Roller Foam

Just opposite to the sidewise scissors, this exercise is done with face up. Lie on the exercise mat, with straight back and facing up towards the roof. Now rest your upper thigh area on the foam roller. Separate your legs a little. Now bring the legs closer to each other. Then again separate the legs apart, slowly. Repeat for 10-15 times, with at least ten seconds in each position.

Scissors With Roller Foam

Now, after taking rest for few seconds in the same posture, change the place of the roller from upper to middle thigh portion and repeat the same exercise for 10-15 times. After a while, further, bring down the roller to your knees and repeat the same set of exercise for another 10-15 times.

Tetrapod Posture

The last exercise we recommend for slim thighs is the animal like posture, i.e. a posture of your body, where you rest entire body on two arms and two legs, also referred to as “Quadruped Posture”.

Kneel down on the exercise mat. Straighten your arms and place the palms firmly on the mat. Bend your knees, making an angle of 90 degrees with the thighs, whereas toes touching the ground and lower leg parallels to the ground. Doing so, the central area of your body will be lifted above the ground and entire weight will be on your palms and knees.

Quadruped Posture

Now, lift one leg above, thus bringing thighs in line with the buttocks and foot pointing towards the roof, backbone should remain straight. Hold here for few seconds and then bring down the leg to original position. Then lift the other leg and repeat the same exercise for 10 times.

When you are comfortable with this exercise, you may increase the repetitions, as per your comfort level, without damaging the muscles. Don’t forget to continue with the sports activity along with these exercises, to get best results.

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