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Top 5 Best American Roadside Attractions

The great road trip may be a right of passage for several people including all the tourists from all around the world. The lure of an open route, having no responsibility to something, however, the journey and feeling the sense of freedom on that the country was based area unit tantalizing propositions, particularly for those that exerting and daydream concerning journey.

Top 5 Best American Roadside Attractions

This blank canvas of chance has additionally attracted those that need to take advantage of this exploration of the aspiration with the associate abundance of margin attractions being created to either build those necessary pit stops for gas and snacks a bit additional fascinating or to lure off the overwhelmed track with its wondrous creations.

The World’s Smallest Church

The world’s smallest church is located in Oneida, New York. You can not simply call your kid’s tiny houses the smallest as they can not be considered. It has to have been used officially and that’s good because there is just about enough room for a bride, a groom, and officiant in its claustrophobic 51″ x 81″ floor area.

Smallest church

It is actually located on a pond, you need to request to see it closely. If you are a Lutheran and wondering if you’ll be shunned for your reformist views, have no fear. At one stage this place was remembered in the Guinness world records but later it retired from the official category though we still believe.

The World’s Largest Shoe House

From the world’s smallest to the world’s largest, this place is a major attraction point for the tourists from all over the globe. This house was built by shoe magnate and philanthropist Mahlon Haines in 1948 and is actually a little misleading as it is technically in the shape of a boot. Now owned privately, the living room is in the toe, the kitchen in the heel and for passing visitors, there is an ice cream shop in the in-step.

largest shoe house

I mean, where else would you put an ice cream shop in a shoe house? There seems to be little impetus behind its creation other than bringing a little fun and joy into the world, something which many visitors through the years must have felt when stopping by.

The World’s Largest Catsup Bottle

This landmark falls in two of the two major tourist attraction subcategories, as it is both one of the largest as well as being one of the giant water towers which are converted into spectacles later. Like the Tipton 8 ball in Missouri, this was a functioning water tower which was built with a little extra ingenuity.

World's Largest Catsup Bottle

Just to supply the water to the Brooks catsup plant near Collinsville Illinois, the company’s president credited with suggesting it be made in the shape of one of their own catsup bottles. Well basically if you are not getting catsup then I might tell you that it is another name for ketchup. Well just imagine if you are in need of the last droplet will the whole giant bottle be smacked upside down? Well, let’s see.

Lucy The Elephant

Despite being another huge attraction, Lucy looks as fresh-faced as every standing in Margate City, New Jersey. Built-in 1881 and well cared for since Lucy was originally built to lure property developers into the area but has since become a free-standing tourist attraction of her own. If you love Ariel views then it’s a great news for you guys.

You can go to see Lucy and climb up the stairs just to get the perfect Ariel view of the Atlantic ocean. There has been some debate over whether or not Lucy has an identity crisis. It was also used as the coffee shop and restaurant earlier. But later on Lucy herself was known by the people and then it is only a major attraction for the tourists from all around the globe.

While her head-shape indicates that she is an Asian elephant, her tusks imply that she is male. Regardless, she is well loved by the local community and tourists alike who all refer to her as “she”.

Gatorland Zoo

Privately owned by the Godwin family since its creation in 1949, the Gatorland zoo in Orlando, Florida has been a sanctuary for the native alligator population for almost 3/4 of a century. Alligators aren’t the only wildlife to be found here as there is also an aviary, a whole host of other reptiles and even a petting zoo.

While you’re not allowed to pet the alligators, some of the zoo staff go one step further and are involved in alligator wrestling where they have been known to stick their heads into the animal’s jaws or wrangle them away from the water. While there is an argument over whether or not this constitutes a fair fight.

Gatorland Zoo
The zoo is dedicated to informing and educating children about the wildlife inhabiting the state’s famous Everglades. What makes it a roadside attraction is the entrance of the zoo where people have to walk through the stone jaws of the replica gator.

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