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Tricks To Clean Your Clothes Iron

A small but highly important device which every household must have is the Clothes Iron. Like every electrical appliance, Iron also needs a certain level of care and maintenance for its optimum performance. Apparently, this little device seems to have no such parts that may need maintenance. But you may have observed that with the consistent usage, your Clothes Iron may start behaving abnormally, such as dripping of water, the irregular spray of water on clothes and development of stains on the base of iron.

iron cleaning

Hence at this stage, you will have to clean your iron otherwise it may spoil your precious clothes. That makes it necessary for the user to have some basic knowledge about cleaning and maintenance of electric iron used for pressing your clothes. Here we are suggesting some useful tricks to clean your clothes iron.

Parts Of The Iron

Before moving on to the tricks to clean the iron, you must have a brief knowledge about different parts of the iron, especially those which need care and maintenance. These are as under:

  • Sole Plate – This is most prominent part of an iron that is heated to press the wrinkles of the clothes. This is almost a triangular in shape and is made up of metal. It is normally coated with aluminum and a non-stick material.
  • Thermostat – Thermostat is installed in the electric iron for having a control on the temperature attained by the sole plate. There is a knob on the iron through which you can set the temperature as per requirement of the fabric, you want to press. The desired temperature is then controlled by the thermostat to ensure the safety of your clothes
  •  Water Tank – A small water tank is installed inside the iron, where water is stored for the creation of steam.
  • Power Cord – A very important part of your iron that is responsible for connecting it with power supply.
  • Handle – Usually made up of Injection Molded Plastic. The handle is a multipurpose part of the iron. It is used to hold the iron and additionally it accommodates thermostat and steam releasing system.

Tricks To Clean The Iron

Following are the tricks to clean the clothes iron:

Care & Maintenance Of Clothes Iron

An iron comprises of very few parts that need care and maintenance. However if not taken care of timely, your iron may start spoiling your clothes and in general, the performance of the appliance declines. Mainly there are two parts that require cleaning from time to time; the Sole Plate and the Water Tank.

Cleaning Of Water Tank

Since water is stored in the tank which creates steam that passes right through the inside of the iron on the sole plate, the inside of the iron and the water tank itself needs cleaning periodically. Scales may develop in these parts which have a damaging effect on the iron.

A useful trick to clean this part of the iron is to wash it with Vinegar. Vinegar is a natural ingredient that has the ability to remove scales and other debris in different parts, especially those, which are in direct contact with water.

To clean the iron, you need to prepare a mixture of water and vinegar (in equal quantity). Pour this mixture into the water tank and then plug in the iron. Let the mixture be well heated, then press water & steam button so that the water-vinegar mixture is sprayed out of the iron.

iron cleam

While passing through the inside of the iron, the vinegar mixture will clean these parts from any debris and scales, thus clearing the entire inner system with steam and water passage. Keep wiping the iron with a soft cloth till entire dirty material is squeezed out. Now unplug the iron and let it cool down. Once cooled down, empty the water tank so that entire vinegar mixture is drained out.

Cleaning The Sole Plate

You may have observed that a new iron glides swiftly on the clothes but after some time, the sole plate gets sticky and you feel it difficult to glide it over your clothes. This happens due to the accumulation of dirt and burnt material due to consistent usage. Sole plate may also develop burn spots on it.

When your iron is in this condition, this is the time to clean the Sole Plate.

  • A simple trick to clean the Sole Plate is to rub it against the cooking salt. For doing so, spread coarse salt on a thick layer of newspapers and glide sufficiently heated iron over this salt layer with slight pressure. Keep doing this and you will see that the dirt is cleaned from the sole plate. Let the iron cool down and then clean the plate with the soft dry cloth.
  • Another practical trick for clearing the burn spots from your iron is to clean it with Steel Wool with a soft detergent. But be careful not to rub strongly on the plate. Rubbing the steel wool with force may damage the plate and scratches may appear on it.
parts of iron
  • Next trick is the use of baking soda. Unplug the iron and first clear the visible dirt or lint from the sole plate. Prepare a paste of soda with water and rub it on the sole plate with a wet soft cloth. Then wipe it out with another piece of soft cloth. Be careful that water should not penetrate inside the iron.
  • To remove starch accumulation on the sole plate, prepare a solution taking one part salt, three parts water and three parts vinegar. Dip a soft cloth in this solution and rub softly on the bottom of the plate.
  • For removing burn spots, you can use the oven cleaner. Cover the entire iron with brown paper or newspaper, leaving the burn spots area open. Then spray the oven cleaner on these spots and after few minutes rinse with the damp soft cloth.


  • Clean the handle of the iron with the soft cloth and keep it dry all the times, otherwise, you are always under threat of electric shock.
  • Take special care of electric cord. Don’t twist it too much and keep it away from the hot sole plate, otherwise, it may be damaged and you will be at risk of electric shock. Try to keep this cord as straight as possible during ironing.

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