What Are The Types Of Multiple Intelligence?

It is said by Einstein, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” For hundreds of years philosophers have been searching for the true measure of intelligence.

The Types Of Multiple Intelligence

Human intelligence is the ability and skills of the human to learn from his experiences, understand and control abstract concepts, adapt to new situations and the use of knowledge to manipulate his environment.

There are different types of intelligence and if you want to know more then in this article, we will describe the nine types of intelligence and some interesting facts about the intelligence, so read the article till the end.

Naturalist Intelligence


This intelligence comprises the human ability and skill to differentiate among living things such as animal and plants, and also the ability to sense other components of the natural world such as rocks, clouds, mountains, river, and forests etc. This ability clearly had a value in our past evolutionary step such as gatherers, hunters and the farmers.

Musical Intelligence


The musical intelligence is an ability to perceive rhythm, pitch, tone and timbre. With this intelligence we are able to identify, reproduce, create and reflect on music. Today we demonstrate these difference abilities as composers, musicians, conductors, vocalists, and listeners etc.

It is interesting to know that there is an effective relationship between emotions and music. It is also said that musical and mathematics intelligence share a common thinking process. People with type of intelligence, usually are aware of sounds which others may miss.

Logical Mathematics Intelligence

Logical Mathematics

Logical-mathematical intelligence includes the skill to quantify, calculate, to carry out complete mathematical operations and considering the hypotheses and propositions.

This intelligence enables us to discern connections and relationships and the use symbolic thought, abstract, skills of sequential reasoning and inductive and deductive patterns of thinking. Logical intelligence is generally developed better in scientist, mathematicians and detectives.

Young individuals who possess a great logical intelligence are mostly interested in categories, patterns and relationships which are used in strategy games, arithmetic problems and experiments.

Existential Intelligence


This intelligence can be defined as the skill or ability to be sensitive to, or having the capacity for, tackling deeper, conceptualizing or solving larger questions about the existence of human, such as what is the meaning of life, why are we born, what is consciousness, or why do we die, how did we get here. Etc.

Interpersonal Intelligence


This intelligence includes the skills to understand and effective interaction with others. Effective verbal and non-verbal communication, ability to note different aspects among others, and the capacity to facilitate several perspectives also come under the umbrella of interpersonal intelligence.

People who possess interpersonal intelligence are usually teachers, actors, social workers and politicians etc. the other characteristics of person having this intelligence is that he is leader among his peers, good at understanding the feelings and motives of other  also good in communication.

Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence

Bodily Kinesthetic

It is the ability to manipulate different things and variety of physical skills. The bodily kinesthetic intelligence also involves the sense of timing and the relative perfection of the skills through the union of mind and body.

Note: People who possess bodily kinesthetic intelligence are usually athletes, dancers, surgeons, and crafts people who exhibit this intelligence very well.

Linguistic Intelligence


This intelligence includes the ability to think and remind the words and to use a language to appreciate and express the complex meanings. This intelligence also let us free to understand the order and the meaning of the word and to apply these as meta-linguistic skills to express our use of language.

This intelligence is the most shared human competence at a wide level. People who possess this intelligence are usually poets, novelists, effective public speakers and journalists.

Note: Others who possess this intelligence also enjoy reading, writing, doing crossword puzzles or telling stories.

Intra-Personal Intelligence


Intra-Personal intelligence is the talent to understand ourselves and our thoughts and feelings. It also includes the usage of this knowledge in planning and controlling our lives. This intelligence not only includes the knowledge of one’s self but also the condition of the human.

Young adults with this intelligence may be shy but they are aware of their emotions and are self motivated. Some other people having this intelligence are psychologist, spiritual leaders, and philosophers.

Spatial Intelligence


This intelligence is the skill to think three dimensions. The main abilities involve spatial reasoning, mental imagery, image manipulation, artistic skills, graphic and an active imagination. People who exhibit the spatial intelligence are usually pilots, sailors, sculptors, architects and painters.

Note: Others who possess this kind of intelligence enjoy with  jigsaw puzzles, mazes, or they love spending time with daydreaming or drawing.

Some Interesting Facts About Intelligence

Facts About Intelligence

  • Your IQ with which you were born would not be the same as that time when to die.
  • It is a fact that your level of intelligence is more accurate predictor of your success that any your socioeconomic status.
  • Your level of intelligence is actually a more accurate predictor of your potential success than your socioeconomic status.
  • A child who is breastfed is more likely to have a higher intelligence by three to eight points than a child who is not breastfed.
  • We have often heard that eldest child has the highest IQ in family but it is a fact that IQ does not depend on birth order but it dependent on genetics, gender, age, personality, family size, and parental age.
  • Swedish researchers have shown the link between lower IQ level and the suicidal behavior. It has been proved that people with lower IQ scores have a low tendency to face the problems so the suicidal rate is higher in those people.
  • Studies have shown that the people with higher IQ scores are more confidant than others.

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