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11 Best Types Of Tea With Their Health Benefits & Some Interesting Facts

Types of Tea: Loved and enjoyed for centuries, tea is one of the healthiest drink or food choices. On the other hand, coffee is a drink of choice in the majority of the Western World, tea has influenced the Eastern part of the world and the United Kingdom.

Types of Tea

You may have only known the two famous types of tea which are Indian Black Tea & Green Tea. But In this article, you will get to know about some other tasty and health beneficial types of tea. Tea is not useless as it also has many health benefits.

Types of Tea

Furthermore, all types of grow from the same basic plant named as the Camellia Sinensis plant. Though, the differences between teas start from processing, geography, and growing condition.

Different types of tea

Moreover, the Camellia Sinensis plant local to Asia but is presently cultivated around the world in subtropical and tropical areas. Although, with more than 3,000 varieties, tea is highly consumed liquid in the world after water.

Barley Tea

Barley tea is very famous in the East, and it is a staple drink in Japan, Korea, and China.

Moreover, in Korea, this tea has the name “Boricha” and in Japan, it is named as “Mugicha”, many families drink this tea on a daily basis. Besides this, the drink is made by toasting Barkey and then boiling it for roughly 20 minutes.

types of tea

Barley tea is traditionally served with ice, it is famous as a summer drink and the majority of people drink this tea-like water in summers.

This tea has a yummy smoky, slightly bitter and nutty flavor. Moreover, there is limited research on the side effects of this drink.

Yellow Tea

Yellow is a very rare type of tea that is like green tea in flavor and appearance. However, yellow tea doesn’t have the grassiness like some green teas.

benefits of tea

Besides this, yellow tea usually goes through more oxidation than green teas and longer, slower drying periods. Furthermore, all yellow teas come from China.

Black Tea

Black tea is made with the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, black tea is a true tea.

type of teas

Although, it is not also one of the most famous drinks in the world, specifically so in Ireland and Great Britain. In fact, Brits drink around 165 million cups of black tea every single day.

Due to the slightly astringent and bitter taste, the majority of people enjoy this drink with a little amount of milk.

Green Tea

Green tea is allowed wilt only after being picked from trees. Then the process of oxidation is stopped so quickly by rapidly heating the leaves.

Types of teas

Furthermore, when brewed for less time and at a lower temperature, the amount of caffeine present in green tea is very less. Green also produce more flavors with few accents and undertones that connoisseurs treasure. Gaining muscles is an aspiring task so if you want to gain muscle then you should avoid much tea and should try a homemade protein shake.

Chaga Tea

If you like mushrooms then you must try Chaga mushroom tea. This specific drink originates in the Siberian/Russian area. This “Chaga” mushroom is local to much of Eastern and Northern Europe and Asia as well.

type of tea

Furthermore, Chaga mushroom is a kind of fungus that grows on birch trees and then making that fungus into tea simple include boiling a piece of the dried mushroom.

Moreover, it is a common drink in Siberia and many people believe it has important longevity and health advantages.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is also known as Wulong tea, and it is allowed to undergo partial oxidation. Moreover, the flavor of the Wulong tea is typically not as subtle as green or as robust as blacks, but it has its own strong fragrance and intriguing tones.

different types of tea

Furthermore, these tea have caffeine content between that of black teas and green teas. Oolongs are sometimes compared with the aroma and taste of fresh fruits or fresh flowers.

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is also known as Agua De Jamaica, it is the tea which is made from the dry petals of the roselle flower. It resembles the color of the flower, hibiscus tea is dark red in color, and it has a flowery smell and tart flavor.

kinds of tea

This tea contains high acid content and that’s why it has a sour taste, with the tea containing citric, ascorbic, malic and tartaric acids. Although, the composition of hibiscus tea id 24 percent acidic.

Hibiscus tea is a very good source of a variety of anthocyanin polyphenols and Vitamin C.  Research shows that this tea is effective at reducing both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. If you have a memory problem then you then drink fruit juices to increases your memory.

White Tea

White tea is very delicate of all the teas. This tea is appreciated for its complexity, natural sweetness, and its subtlety.

types of teas

White tea is hand-processed utilizing the young shoots of the tea plant, without any oxidation. When this tea is brewed properly, with a low temperature and very short steeping time, white tea contains a very minimum amount of caffeine.

Essiac Tea

In Ojibwa, Essiac tea is their traditional drink, and a North America Indian Tribe also called as the Chippewa.

tea benefits

This tea has a slightly grassy and bitter type of taste, it is not a tea I would call enjoyable, but it does not taste too bad either. The biggest advantage of this tea is that it helps to cure cancer. Research shows that this tea has DNA protective and anti-inflammatory properties.

Peppermint Tea

The dried leaves of peppermint plant known as Mentha x Piperita make a refreshing, very minty and bold tea.

Tea varieties

Moreover, it has a strong aroma and flavor, so if you are looking for a mild flavor then you would not find it here. Peppermint tea is one of the most famous herbal teas, it has a steady stream of evolving research.

Peppermint tea may relieve stomach discomfort and pain, it plays a vital role in digestion also.  This is advised for those who are suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Puer Tea

Puer tea is very old black tea found in China, this tea is prized for its earthy flavor and medicinal properties. This tea is probably the most mysterious of all the teas. Til 1995, it was illegal to import puer tea into the United States.

benefits of tea

This tea has is very strong with rich and deep flavor, with no bitterness in taste. It is almost peaty in flavor.

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