Ugly Animals: From time to time evolution create colorful, beautiful animals. Similarly, at other times it comes up with animals that look like they came out of the horrible nightmares.

Ugly Animals

Ugly Animals:

Moreover, the earth is home to many species of animals, but you would not know it from the media’s obsession with only some famous animals like gorillas and tigers.

Majority of us do not grasp the variety of animals that occupy the Earth today, and some people even get surprised as they find out that there are some very cool animals they have not heard of before.

But now – out of 1367555 recognized non-insect animals that also live on Earth Nowadays, so how do you expect to know each one of them? To put it into viewpoint, this digit shows only 1 percent of all the animals that have ever lived.

Sometimes the beneficial anatomical adaptations may leave an animal deficient in the department of looks. So in this top-ten list, we take a look at a few of the cringe-worthy animals’ species which you have never seen before.

Red Bald-Headed Uakari

This intelligent and social monkey is only found in the Amazon River Basin of Brazil and Peru. Furthermore, it’s human-like face is dark red because of the capillaries running beneath its transparent and thin skin.

Red Bald-Headed Uakari

Although Cacajao Calvus Rubicundus faces the quick loss of its flooded rain forest habitat and it is also targeted by many human Hunters.

Showgirl Chicken

These amazing fancy hens are called Gallus gallus domesticus. They are bred for their silky feathers and naked necks.

Showgirl Chicken

The birds’ vibrant appearance demanded the attention of Joel Sartore he said: “They looked so amazing, I just could not say no to photographing them even though they did not exactly qualify as ‘Wild Animals’.”


Moreover, Monkfish lives in the Western Atlantic and it is a bottom-dwelling fish.

Black ugly animals

Damara Mole Rat

Damara mole rat is also known as Fukomys damarensis and they might look like the beaver. They live more like an ant or a bee, that is quite very unusual among mammals.

Ugly Animals Name

Furthermore, subterranean mole rat colonies move around a single breeding queen and other animals serve as foragers, tunnelers or caregivers for the young rats.

Baird’s Tapir

Possibly 5,500 Baird’s Tapir lives in the wild of Central America, Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia.

They are also known as Tapirus bairdii, IUCN data suggest that the population has been halved amid the past three decades and it will continue to be halved again during the next thirty years.

Black ugly animals

Moreover, hunting, infectious diseases, and Habitat loss are the biggest threats to these Baird’s Tapir.

Pig-Nosed Turtle

The snout of this reptile is not its only unique feature. This pig-nosed turtle is the only freshwater turtle that contains flippers like its distant seagoing mates.

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Moreover, Carettochelys insculpta is a famous food dish in Papua New Guinea and it is also exported for the purpose of the pet trade, leaving this specie vulnerable.



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Blob Fish

Proboscis monkey