Ideas for Unique Wedding Invitation

When we talk about the wedding, then a lot of things comes to our mind. You might think of what dress you should be wearing on the wedding or about organizing the events. Putting all this aside, the very first thing about which you should be worried is your wedding invitation. The very first step you have to take is to send your relatives your wedding invitation. You should make your wedding invitation unique from the others.

Ideas for Unique Wedding Invitation

It should be more appealing that no one would put it aside after receiving it rather they would love to open & have a look at it. You might be obsessed with receiving the same sort of cards on the wedding invitation. Now is the time when you are thinking about your own wedding invitation, then make it worth spending money on the wedding invitation. You might have some idea of how your wedding invitation card would look like.

So, in this blog, we are going to give you some unique Wedding Invitation ideas. We’ve chosen some of the best ideas which you could be picking for your wedding. We would provide you five assorted styles to choose from, which will release your stress of selecting one.

Jigsaw Puzzle Style Wedding Invitation

The first style that we are talking about it the jigsaw puzzle style. This could be the most amazing option for you to choose from, as you would send your wedding invitation to your loved ones for your wedding ceremony then they have to solve the puzzle to read it. Isn’t it amazing? You should put your invitation card in the envelop so that it would look more formal.


This is the cheap in cost as well. Either you could design the card by yourself through any program or you could directly send it to experts. They will do the rest of the job of converting it into an interesting puzzle.

Wedding Invitation in form of Fan

Wedding Invitation in form of Fan

The second idea for a unique invitation is sending it in the form of a fan. This could also be a unique way to send the invitation to your wedding. What you have to do is buy the fans as an invitation card for every single one of the guest. Then you could take those to the printing house to print your invitation information which needs to be printed. This is the most realistic way which you could choose.

Wedding Information on the Balloon

The third most unique and interesting way to send your relatives the invitation to your wedding is by giving the event details on the balloon. You might be thinking what this really means. The idea about it is that you should make the wedding invitation card the usual one. But what you should do that not to print the event date and location on the card. Rather you should print that information on the balloon.

Wedding Information on the Balloon

So, you should place the balloon on the card. In order to read that info, they have to inflate the balloon on which information would be written. But keep in mind that you must provide your phone number on that card so that if the balloon has burst then they can contact you on that number.

Bookmark as Your Wedding Invitation

Bookmark as Your Wedding Invitation

The fourth way about which we are discussing here is using a bookmark for your wedding invitation. This is also a unique and a new way to send the invitation for your marriage to the loved ones. you have to make it in a way so that the pictures of the groom and the bride which are going to be married should be displayed on the upper side and the information would be written on the bottom side of that.

Natural Way for Wedding Invitation

Now we will provide you two natural and unique way of inviting your guest to your wedding. The first way is to send all the guests an email with some expressive note. This will help save the surroundings but not using the paper.

Natural Way for Wedding Invitation

The second way is that you should make your invitation card with some paper material which could completely be recycled. You can also use some recyclable stuff to make it more beautiful.

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