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What to Feed a Dog with an Upset Stomach?

If you have a pet dog and he is not feeling well and vomiting due to upset stomach then you should carefully choose and feed your dog which is good for his health. You should know what type of diet will help your dog to recover fast after vomiting. You must take care of your pet when he has an upset stomach and makes sure your dog has always access to fresh water to keep him hydrated.

upset stomach

In this article, we will guide you what should feed your dog once he vomited.

  • Firstly you have to check either your dog has vomited or not if he has vomited then do not feed him for next 12 hours otherwise he can vomit again.
  • Increase the quantity of water gradually and make sure your pet is drinking enough water as it helps them to remain hydrated, if you have a large amount of water at once then your pet can vomit again, therefore, provide water on a timely manner. Do not feed your dog when your pet has an upset stomach.

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  • Give your pet a bland diet ( diet which is inflammatory and helps your pet to recover fast from damage stomach) when he is suffering upset stomach problem
  • In case your dog is allergic to specific food then you must concert your veterinarian doctor and feed your doctor prescribed food.
  • It is good to feed your dog bland diet which is made of white rice, baked potato, and chicken breast three times a day like in the morning, noon and night so that your pet get used to of new diet.

Bland diet

  • You can also make a good diet for your pet in the home when he has upset stomach and vomiting dog. To create a good healthy, delicious meal you will need Following things.
  • Boiled Carrot
  • Cups Rice
  • Boneless Chicken Breasts
  • First of all put some water to boil and add some chicken, rice, and vegetables in it. Mix all the ingredients by stirring. Remove it from heat after 25 minutes and let it cool for few minutes and then serve this delicious meal to your pet.
  • Here is one of the good recipe from tape daily to make and feed it to your pet when he has an upset stomach, you can also give this meal to your dog after your pet vomits. To make this meal you need these ingredients.
  • Spinach
  • 3 Cup rice
  • Potato
  • 2 boneless turkey breasts
Follow the same procedure we describe above and feed this meal to your pet three times a day.
  • Start giving regular food to your dog after three days of giving bland diet. keep in mind that you introduce regular food of your dog gradually, like the first day give half bland food and half normal food and continually increase the quantity of normal food by reducing bland diet.

diet plan

  • you must check either your dog is dehydrated or not, one method to check dehydration in your dog is to lift up your dog lips and look at their gum. The gum should be wet, in case you are confused then you can also press your dog’s gum and notice their gums color is changing or not.
  • you must note how much time it takes for your upset stomach dog to change its gum color if color changes immediately then its mean your dog is hydrated on the other hands if it takes a couple of minutes then it means your dog is dehydrated and immediately give him fresh water to drink.

I hope you find my article helpful if you have any further queries you can mention in the comment section down below, I’ll be humble to help you out. For other related articles, you can visit


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