How To Use A Mop For Effective Home Cleaning?

Using a mop for effective home cleaning is very essential. You can use a mop on floors to remove dust and dirt from them and it is very effective and easy method. Sweeping hard floors is quite difficult and tiring and on the other hand, vacuuming them is also very time-consuming method. For healthy living, you have to do cleaning on a daily basis especially if you have kids at home. Cleaning your home is very important, everyone loves clean and tidy homes without any dust, dirt, and stains on walls and on floors.

using a mop for effective home cleaning

Mop removes dust and dirt from the hard floors very quickly without consuming more time. Even after vacuum, you have to use a mop to remove the stains left behind. For this, you just need to learn the effective uses of the mop to optimize it. So, here on, we are providing you some many easy and efficient tips on How to use a mop for effective home cleaning for a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

Things required using a mop for effective home cleaning

  • Water
  • Washing machine
  • Liquid detergent
  • Mop

Steps to follow using a mop for effective home cleaning

  • A mop is only used for cleaning of plain and smooth surfaces; it removes dust and dirt easily. If you are thinking that it will move a large amount of dust and sand then you are wrong, for this type of dirt mop is not advisable at all. Mop only moves the little amount of dirt and dust around. If you want to remove rough stains or you want deep cleaning so you apply pressure on the handle of the mop and starts’ cleaning this is not the right way to clean.
  • If you will apply pressure on the handle of the mop then it will only damage the surface of your floor. For doing this type of cleaning it is advisable to use a traditional broom.

A mop is very effective cleaning tool

  • There are many types of mops; you can easily choose one depending on the surface you want to clean. Some mops are of microfibers, some are made up of cotton and others are made up of polyester also. So choose a mop wisely by checking it properly. It is said that microfiber mops are best for cleaning wooden floors or wooden surfaces, microfiber mops clean wooden surfaces more easily and effectively.
  • On the other hand, mops which are made up of cotton material are very effective to clean tile floors. Wisely choose mop’s head by checking it properly, choose more volume mop’s head for rough floors and less volume mop’s head for smooth floors. There are also disposable mops which easily allow the hair to trap in them with their static.
  • For using a mop normally on the floors first you should dip the mop into the warm water, if you are using disposable mop then there is no need to soak it in water directly clean the surface with it. Every time you don’t have to use a cleaning product with a mop, just warm water is quite enough for cleaning of smooth and delicate surfaces.

Use vacuum cleaner to remove piles of dust

  • You should first use the vacuum on the floor to make sure the excess of dust is now removed and then wipe the floor with a wet mop in a zigzag pattern; this zigzag pattern is very good for rag mops. If you are using sponge mops which are best for cleaning then you can also clean the floor in vertical motions as you do for vacuuming a floor.
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  • While mopping a surface we will recommend you not to lift your mop otherwise the dust and dirt will again fall. Do not over wet your mop otherwise you will create more mess because too wet mop is also not effective. On the other hand, the mop should also not be very dry, because too dry mop will not work according to your expectations.
  • For best using a mop always leaves the areas having furniture, rags or anything as tidy and clean as possible so the task will not become more difficult.
  • Once you are done with mopping and too much dust is still left on the floor then it’s easy for you to sweep it. You can also vacuum the mop so the piles of dust will not accumulate in the mop and it means you will not carry dust with you as you will clean other places also. So vacuuming your mop is the best way to clean it strands.
  • You can also polish your floor with floor polish in this way your floor will not only be clean but also it will shine like a new one, so using floor polish is very effective and efficient idea to have shiny floors. If you have children and pets in your home then do not let them in contact with these harmful chemicals in cleaning products. Chemicals in cleaning products can be very dangerous to human life and as well as for the pets.

You canuse dry mop for cleaning walls

  • A dry mop is also multipurpose you can clean almost everything from it, it is best for cleaning ceilings and corners of the walls. Use dry mops to remove all the dust, dirt and cobwebs from the corners of the walls. You can also use drop mop for cleaning of your ceiling fans without consuming any time.
  • If you have white ceilings and white walls then try to avoid using colored mops, as there are great chances that the bright colored mops will leave their color on the walls while cleaning vigorously. So try to use white color mops for cleaning everything.

Do not use fabric softener on mop

  • We will recommend you that do not leave you mop for cleaning in a bucket full of water, as it will smell so bad if it will not be dried properly and completely. Best way to thoroughly clean the mop is to wash its head in the washing machine with a little amount of liquid detergent. Do not use fabric softener or any garment softener to wash your mop as these softeners will reduce the absorbent capacity of the mop.
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