Cleaning wood seems critical process, but it is very important to make your home look neat, clean and tidy. For this cleaning home furniture, other wooden surfaces, wooden floors are very important. Using ammonia for cleaning different type of things at home is easy and kind of satisfying; it can also be used for removing different types of stains.

cleaning of wood by using ammonia

Ammonia should be used at airy places as it has a very strong smell which can be harmful to humans and other living things as well. Always use ammonia with water, to neutralize its effect. Avoid direct using ammonia as it has a strong effect and can be harmful to human beings. You can use ammonia in different ways for cleaning wood. So, here on, we are providing you some easy and common steps on How to use ammonia to clean wood.

Things required for cleaning wood

  • Water
  • Ammonia
  • Hand gloves
  • Tub or a bucket
  • Soft cotton cloth

Steps to follow for cleaning of wood by using ammonia

  • Always use ammonia with water, to avoid any skin irritations and breathing problems. Ammonia is very useful product and disinfectant if you use it properly in the desired situation. Mixing ammonia with water results in a dilute solution, which is safe for a human to use.
  • So always take one or two tablespoons of ammonia in 1 cup of water.

use ammonia with water

  • This ratio is always effective for cleaning different household products. Don’t use ammonia without wearing gloves; always protect your hands as there are great chances of causing irritation. People having skin problems or having sensitive skin should not take risk of using ammonia without wearing gloves.

wear gloves while using gloves

  • Ammonia is having a strong odor, that’s why it should be used in the proper environment, in the ventilated room to avoid any breathing problem for human beings.
  • Using ammonia on wood is safe, but it may cause discoloration of paint or other polish on furniture. For this, you need to test by using ammonia on the hidden part of the furniture.
  • Put a little amount of ammonia on soft cotton cloth with water, rub it on the small part of the furniture and see the result. If it results in fading the color then you should use other professional furniture cleaning products which you can buy from any near buy store or furniture market.
  • Apply ammonia on the wooden surfaces with great care. Do not moist the furniture so much as it can expand it. So take soft cotton cloth, put a little amount of water and ammonia solution on it, wring it and then clean the wooden surface with it. After cleaning immediately dry the wooden surface with another dried cotton cloth and wipe the traces of ammonia and water from the wood without wasting any time.

use soft cotton cloth for cleaning

  • Ammonia also helps you to regain the shape of the wood. Wooden furniture which is placed outside the house or in rooms where it is great moister and seepage which can cause great damage to the wooden products such as wooden swings, tables, chairs and many other products of wood they get moist and changes their shapes. They also get fungus because of moister and rain. So you should save them from damaging by using ammonia.

ammonia helps you to regain shape of wood

  • For this take 2 tablespoons of ammonia in half cup of water. Put this diluted solution on soft cotton cloth, rub it on the moldy area of furniture for 1-2 minutes and leave it for some time. Again repeat the process until the wood appears to be clean and regain its original shape. By using ammonia you can enjoy your expensive furniture for a longer period of time.

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