Hydrogen peroxide has many different effective and efficient uses in our daily life. Due to its harmless properties, it can be used as an effective disinfectant, stain remover, and a great cleaner. We can use it in many household tasks such as for cleaning different products, for removing different critical marks and many others.

hydrogen peroxide has many uses in our daily lives

You just need to know the right use and different benefits of hydrogen peroxide, for this you must read the article. Here on vequill.com, we are providing you the uses of hydrogen peroxide in the home.

Hydrogen peroxide as disinfectant at home

  • Using hydrogen peroxide in our daily lives is very economical, we just need to know the best use of it and learn how to use it correctly. Hydrogen peroxide due to its non-poisonous property it is a very effective disinfectant and used to clean washrooms.
  • If you want to clean the washroom and save it from any bacteria then put a little amount of hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl and leave it to set for few minutes. Then dip cleaning brush in the mixture and cleans the toilet. If you want to sanitize the toilet seat then put a little amount of it on the toilet brush and rub the toilet seat and inside of it with the brush once in a week.

hydrogen peroxide is used to sanitize toilet

  • You can also put hydrogen peroxide in the toilet bowl to sanitize it every day. It helps to remove bacteria and any bad odor from the washroom.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is also used to remove any bacteria from different daily cleaning products. For this put an equal amount of it and water in a small bowl and then dip the sponge and other cleaning products in the bowl for about 15-20 minutes. Then take them out of the solution and wash them with plenty of water. Now the sponge is completely odor free and bacteria free.

soak cleaning sponge in hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide for removing stains in the home

  • Hydrogen peroxide is also used to remove different critical stains such as stains of blood, ink, wine and many others. If you have deliberately stained your shirt with pen ink then sprinkle little amount of hydrogen peroxide on the stained area and leave it to act for few minutes. Then rub the stained part with a soft bristle brush and then wash it with liquid detergent. If you will notice that stain is still there, then repeat the process and you will see that the stain has left the shirt completely.
  • For removal of stubborn wine stains from any fabric, you should mix hydrogen peroxide with liquid washing soap. Pour the solution on the stain and leave it for few minutes to act. Then rinse the fabric with plenty of Luke warm water and you will see that the stain has gone completely.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is also used to clean different electric machines, tools, and other household electric products.
  • Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to remove stains from different surfaces, kitchen sinks, kitchen counters. For this, you just need to take it and water, dip a soft cotton cloth in it and rub the dirty and stained surfaces from it. Then wipe the excess liquid from the surfaces through a dry cotton cloth or any absorbent paper.

prepare a mixture of flour and hydrogen peroxide

  • If you specifically want to clean the kitchen counters made up of stone and concrete then prepare a thick mixture of hydrogen peroxide and corn flour. Put the paste directly on the stained surfaces and leave it for overnight to act. Then after one night wipe the paste of it and flour with the help of a damp cotton cloth, then after this you can dry the counter with a paper towel.

hydrogen peroxide is used for cleaning kitchen counters

  • Hydrogen peroxide is also used for body care. If you want your nails to be white and strong then put a little amount of it in water and soak your fingers in the solution for few minutes and you will notice the difference.

hydrogen peroxide is used to make your nails white

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