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What To Do When A Volcano Erupts?

In the past few years, volcanoes have been seen very active and we know of many cases where people, as well as the environment, has been affected very badly due to the eruption.

Special thanks to the current monitoring systems as well as the latest technology machinery through which eruption cant catch us off that easily, but if you live near a volcano or you plan holidays to a place near a carter you should definitely know what to do when a volcano erupts.

What To Do When A Volcano Erupts

In this Tryarticles article, we’ll let you know what to do when a volcano erupts in very simple steps.

Step No 1

Whenever you go to a place near a carter always look for a warning board, it is very important for you to know, beware of what the authorities say to know whether evacuation takes place or not.

Make sure you have a battery-powered radio or anything else maybe a charged mobile so that you can receive signals in case electricity is cut off. In such places, you should always be extra careful and you should have all the necessary things required.


Step No 2

Always give priority to the directions from higher authorities and don’t take it non seriously otherwise it can result in serious damage. While living in such a place it is always important to make an exit plan already or a plan B as well.

Contact numbers diary should be always with you so you can use it in case of emergency. When being evacuated you should always carry important things with you, some are listed below.

  • Drinking water
  • Food
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Radio

Similarly, all the important things should be with you, being prepared is important.

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Step No 3

When a volcano erupts a large amount of ash(volcanic) covers the place so if you are living near a volcano always cover your doors and windows with plastic or bags so it cannot fill in. While leaving home make sure that you turn off all the electrical appliances and you should turn the main off as well.

When a volcano erupts try to cover your face properly so that your eyes don’t get affected, also wear a wet handkerchief mask on your mouth.


Step No 4

If during an evacuation period you have to drive to leave the place, you should drive very slow avoiding the volcanic ashes so that your mirrors and engine does not get affected. You should always have an escape route plan. If you live near a well observed and well-researched place then you should be provided with the maps through which you’ll come to know that lava will flow to which places and you can get to your desired destination following that.


Make sure that you avoid bridges as when lava flows the rives and valleys can be filled with mud.

Step No 5

If the volcano erupts make sure you stay away from it whether it seems dry or solid, never ever go near it or walk on it and yes also avoid being near to rivers or valleys as they are very good conductors of magma.

Avoid inhalation of different types of dangerous gases always wear a wet handkerchief mask, because when a volcano erupts it releases very dangerous gases which could kill in less than a minute.


Step No 6

Well, it is very important to keep in touch with the authorities so that you could be updated, when it erupts immediately leave your home because it can be very dangerous resulting deaths. If you are amid a volcano eruption, it’s vitally important to contact the local Red Cross and find the nearest shelter.

These were the tips for what you can do when a volcano erupts, if you want us to write similar articles, you can mention in the comments section.


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