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How To Wash Cotton Bed Sheets?

Cotton bed sheets are the best to spread on a bed as they look so elegant and tidy; washing cotton bed sheets is not a very difficult task. Cotton bed sheets are very good for summers, they absorb moister they do not retain any liquid or moister on them. Cotton bed sheets have pure fibre; they do not cause any allergy to sensitive skin. Cotton bed sheets are very reliable to use on daily basis to dress your bed. Cotton bed sheets are very good as they allow the air to pass from them so they are very good for summers especially.

washing cotton bed sheets

If you want to maintain the originality of cotton bed sheet then you must know the correct method to wash them. Cotton bed sheets are very easily washable. You just need to learn some important steps while washing cotton bed sheets. So, here on, we are providing you some many easy and effective steps on How to wash cotton bed sheets without damaging them and retaining their original colors.

Things required for washing cotton bed sheets

  • Luke Warm water
  • Baking soda
  • Liquid detergent
  • Cotton bed sheets
  • Washing machine
  • Mild washing soap

Steps to follow for washing cotton bed sheets

  • The first thing you should do before washing cotton bed sheets is to read and check the tag or label on the bed sheets, all the washing instructions will be mentioned on the tag attached to the bed sheets. So wash your cotton bed sheets according to the given instructions so you will not cause any damage to them. Cotton bed sheets also come with a mixture of many other materials mainly polyester is mixed with cotton bed sheets.

wash cotton sheets with mild soap

  • Now put your cotton bed sheets in the washing machine with Luke warm water for a wash with a mild liquid detergent. We will recommend you not to use hot water because hot water will shrink the cotton bed sheets and it will also result in fading the color of the cotton bed sheet. If you have sheets with embroidery on them then wash them with suitable washing cycle and give them a gentle spin or allow them to dry in sunlight.
  • Always change your bed sheets once in a week if you have small children at your home then you can change them twice a week, then wash them by properly reading the washing instructions on the tag attached to them and then let them dry in the sunlight. Sunlight will help the bed sheets to dry quickly and it will also keep its original color but at the same time do not hang the bed sheets directly in the sunlight for so long period of time as excess heat in the sunlight will fade the colour of the sheet.

cotton sheets are good for summers

  • If the weather is not suitable for drying the bed sheets outside then you must spin them at a low temperature so bed sheets will not damage its color or appearance.
  • Do not wash your cotton bed sheets with other woollen garments such as sweaters, socks or many others so your cotton bed sheets will allow the lumps of lint to stick with them and then it will become a very hard task to remove them as they stick to bed sheets very badly. We will recommend you to wash the new bed sheets alone because they will lose little color and chemicals from them. So it may cause irritation to the sensitive human skin and especially irritation to babies so wash new sheets separately.
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Ironing of cotton bed sheets

  • Ironing bed sheets are a very difficult task as they are huge, so to avoid pressing your bed sheets you should follow the steps mentioned below.
  • Right after washing your cotton bed sheets stretch them as much as you can and hang them in sunlight straightly without any folds. When they will become dry they will be straight so you can dress your bed with them.
  • If you want tidy bed sheets and you want to iron them then iron them when they are little moist and control the temperature of the iron and iron them at medium temperature.
  • Do not iron the sheets at a very high temperature as hot iron will stick to the sheet if a sheet is having polyester. Hot iron also leaves a very dirty burn mark on the garments and sheets so you should be very careful while ironing your bed sheets.

Steps you must consider while washing cotton bed sheets

  • Pure quality cotton bed sheets normally shrink when they are washed at first but not in a second wash, they shrink at least 2%-3% which is already measured so they do not become short.
  • If the bed sheet is not made up of pure cotton than there is a chance that it will shrink to 12%-13% which is not good for the buyer.

cover pillows with a zipper

  • There is a common problem of mites nest in bed sheets, beddings and in mattresses so to avoid this problem you should wash your bed sheets once or twice a week. You can also buy mattress cover which has a zip so you can easily remove and wash the cover and your mattress will be protected.
  • You can also protect your pillows along with the mattress by covering them with another cover having zip.
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baking soda deodorize sheets

  • You can also add little amount of baking soda along with your liquid detergent when you wash your bed sheets, so baking soda will help your bed sheets to retain its colour.
  • Baking soda removes all the foul smell and yellowish stains from the bed sheets so using baking soda is a very effective process.
  • Baking soda helps you to deodorize and sanitize your cotton bed sheets. It also helps to whiten your sheets and gives breathe to them.

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