Hard water always left different brown and white marks on the glass surfaces, windows, and other households because hard water contains minerals which after drying leave a mark on the glass. These watermarks from glass are quite critical to remove completely, so it is important for you to learn different tips and methods to remove them completely and to keep the glass clean.

If you have experiment every method to eliminate these watermarks from glass windows or doors and you failed to obtain the required results then here on vequill.com, we are providing you some efficient and effective ways to remove watermarks from glass to keep them clean and shiny.

How to remove watermarks from glass

Steps for removing watermarks from glass surfaces

  • If you want to remove watermarks from glass, lemon juice and vinegar are two main ingredients for cleaning them. You just need to prepare a solution of white vinegar and lemon juice. For preparing a solution put lemon juice and vinegar in equal amounts in a spray bottle and mix them well with each other.
  • Now spray the solution directly on the watermarks on glass doors and windows then wipe it by using soft cotton cloth or sponge. After wiping it with cotton cloth, you will notice that the acid in vinegar and lemon juice helped water deposits to leave the glass surface very easily.

prepare a solution of vinegar and lemon juice

  • Another simple and easy home remedy to remove watermarks from the glass is by using sodium bicarbonate and Luke warm water. Put ¼ cup of sodium bicarbonate in a glass containing Luke warm water and prepare a mixture. Now apply the mixture directly to the watermarks using soft cotton cloth or soft sponge.
  • Leave the mixture on watermarks for 5-6 minutes then after that time wipes it with soft and clean cotton cloth. You will notice that the stains on the glass have disappeared completely.

prepare a mixture of baking soda and water

  • You can also use different acids like sulfuric, phosphoric and hydrochloric acids to remove such watermarks. But before using them you need to wear gloves and masks, as their fumes are not very good to inhale and can be harmful and dangerous for health and human skin. These acids will helps you to get rid of all stubborn watermarks from different types of glass surfaces.
  • Another best way is to use glass cleaner for cleaning the glass surfaces. After applying glass cleaner it is important to use soft and clean cotton cloth to wipe the glass surface for best results. You can use squeegee tool to remove such watermarks.

use squeegee to clean glass

Above mentioned are some easy and efficient ways to clean glass doors and windows in less time.

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