Why Do We Look Up When We Think?

We often look up while thinking, this connection between eye movements and the thoughts was one of the first observations made when Neuro-Linguistic Programming began around 1972. When individual is able to understand how this relationship or connections works it can provide beneficial information on what other person is thinking and how to communicate with someone in a best way.

We Look Up When We Think

When a person is thinking about recent events or information with which he is very familiar he may or may not move his eyes at all. Developing the skill in using the Neuro-Linguistic Programming, movements of eyes will enable you to recognize how a person may be thinking i.e. whether they may be imagining a future or past event, internally re-hearing a sound or making up a sound, talking to themselves, or attending to their feelings.

In this article, we will describe the movement of eyes while different thoughts, so read the complete article.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

In the beginning of 1970’s, neuro-psychologists began experimenting, in the rising field of neuro-linguistic programming, a very famous but badly understood wonder of a person looking to the sides when trying to thinking or remembering, or when he has to answer a difficult question. It is also known as lateral eye movements or LEM.

There are the two hemispheres of the brain which are stimulated for several types of mental processes. The scientists under the supervision of Paul Bakan, began to analyze test subjects which were some people while asking questions.

These theories of eyes movement were proposed. But there are many scientific research which prove it wrong. This is because not every person follow the rule of eye movement while thinking. But this also helps us to observe what other person is trying to think or listen.

Remember: Reading the language of eyes is not an easy task. If you are able to look at someone’s eyes in order to find what is really on his or her mind, you must keep in mind, that person can also read your eyes.

Most people who are familiar with this, are also conscious of this, and they will look away when they notice it. Or even we often avoid looking into eyes while talking even if we do not know about it. We have to overcome this because you cannot read the eyes of a person without looking into them.

Basic Eyes Movement

Given below are basic eyes movement according to psychology or Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Looking Straight Ahead

Looking Straight Ahead

Usually, it is considered a good sign when someone is looking straight at you. This is a good sign because most of us will try to look into other person’s eyes by looking at him or her to show our interest. Also, that we are giving attention to him or her. But most of the times people also look away which also indicate as they are trying to understand what you are saying. So you must consider this movement also.

If a person looks right at you but does not look away at all it indicates that the message of what you are saying may not be understandable for him and he is unable to understand that. Also, a person who is lying is often known that his movement of eye may give the clues about a lie to the other person, so he will look straight in your eyes and will keep looking.

  • Result: Looking straight ahead with a bit of looking away indicates good sign of understanding. And continuous looking straight in eyes without looking away is often not a good sign as it shows lying or disinterest There is an exception that two people deeply in love can also look straight continuously in the eyes.

Looking Up And To The Left

Looking Up And To The Left

In the language of eyes movement looking up and to the left is a good sign. If a person is looking to the left and also upward, it indicates that he is remembering information, and is thinking about his past experience or  a past emotional feeling.

While talking to a person if you look up and left it shows that you are thinking about experiences. Still there is contradict, some people associate this way of looking with lying, but usually it has been seen that liars look straight into your eyes or at you to hide their lie.

  • Result: Looking up is the sign of thinking, up with left is a sign of thinking about past experiences and some particular emotions.

Looking To The Left

Looking To The Left

In the eye body language looking to the left is usually associated with a struggle to recall a sound. This sign is easy to remember if you want to, it is as if he or she is looking at their ears. But this is not only true in many cases as it also indicates that she could very well see what is happening to her left side, or looking at the ways to get away from you.

  • Result:  Looking to the left or at the ears, is recalling a sound. He or she could also feel the what is happening around, or observing the ways to get out of there.

Looking To The Right And Up

Looking To The Right And Up

If you are talking to a person who is looking to the right and up, it is as he is trying to memorize latest experience, or he trying to understand if it is logical what you are saying to him. In eye body language usually it is a good sign, if you are talking to a person with this eye movement as it shows that you have grabbed her attention.

  • Result: Up is thinking while up and right indicate memorizing latest experiences and thinking logically.

Looking Up

Looking Up

As we have described earlier, if a person is looking up, he or she is thinking carefully over what you are saying. And it is particularly good sign if the person this movement is while stretching arms up and folding hands behind his head. Also if a person looks upward for a minute, while sobbing, it also show he is looking at the faith and calling his God.

  • Result: Looking up means careful thinking, balancing both emotion and logic and looking up for a while means summoning God.

Looking Down

Looking Down

If you are talking to a person who is looking down and not looking at yourself means usually a sign associated as submissive or not dominant in the eye body language. It means, that person may not feel very comfortable sitting in front of you or feeling at fault of something.

No eye contact also indicate apathy and a desire to go away. Also if the person is not constantly looking down it mean he or she is thinking what is the purpose of what you are saying.

  • Result: If a person constantly looks down it means submissive or a feeling of guilty and not wanting to look at you. Also generally a disinterest. If not constantly looking down it means he or she is thinking over what you are saying.

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