What Are The Weaknesses Of Human Being?

Your strengths and weaknesses are characterized by the thinking of your mind because there is no power stronger than thinking of yourself to be able or not to be. A person is what he thinks and what he feels. The weakness comes from our mind and our way of seeing life and the way of facing it.

That is why, life is a matter of attitude and along with our character, it will form the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. Since we will experience many goals which can be achieved easily and some goals will be difficult to achieve.

Weaknesses Of The Human Being

In order to obtain the goals in life, the first step you have to take is to know the strengths of yourself as well as the weaknesses. To know your weakness is important because it indicates that aspects due to which you fail the most. So you can be able to handle those aspects that weaken you.

But what are the weaknesses of the human being and how you can identify if there is a weakness in you? In this article, we will describe the list of weaknesses of the human with examples, so to know more, read the article till the end

Personal Weaknesses

When we talk about the weaknesses we refer to the aspects which cause us to fail or do not stand out. For example, we can have some weaknesses of not being punctual, being forgetful, or showing irresponsible attitudes.

Personal Weaknesses

There are many weaknesses and it is the duty of a person to know which one is his by practicing identification exercise. And he finds that these weaknesses are becoming hurdles in everyday tasks, he must take steps to overcome them.

Another best way to find your weaknesses is to ponder your past experiences in which you were unable to complete a task or to avail the opportunity.

List Of The Most Common Human Weaknesses

No one is perfect in this world and each individual has its own flaws, similarly, each individual has its own positive aspects. Most commonly, we deny our flaws one above the other and we project an image of ourselves that is not real.

Therefore, it is necessary to accept our weaknesses, exercise the sincerity and project the real image of ourselves. It is the only way to accept yourself and forgive your mistakes.

List Of The Most Common Human Weaknesses

Given below are some of the most common weaknesses of the human being:

  • Cowardice: It is one of the most common weaknesses present in the human being. This weakness is characterized as not having the courage or dare to take a specific step to make the change, to say what you think and what you want. The origin of cowardice is insecurity and self-esteem.
  • Selfishness: It is another most common weakness of the human and it is based on the prioritizing a person’s own welfare and interest over others.
  • Antipathy: This weakness is characterized by making the mistake, many times, of being unfriendly by developing a stupid attitude and disrespecting others. This can also be related to the mood swings or in particular having a toxic relationship with someone.
  • Lack of concentration: Our brain is fully prepared and is used by us to concentrate, to reflect and it is the reason for everything we want. However, it also happens many times, we lack the ability to focus on essential aspects or lack of interest.
  • Mistrust: This weakness is characterized by not having trust in others. Such people commit really stupid mistake by not trusting others and this is because they fear that the person had hurt them before and he will hurt them again so they consciously or unconsciously hurt that person too. This is a very bad thing which can lead to serious consequences.
  • Impatience: As it has been said: “Patience is the mother of science”. Currently, we are living in a society encroached by haste and stress which play a great role to make us impatient many times.

How To Find Your Weaknesses?

How To Find Your Weaknesses

In order to know your weaknesses, you have to practice self-knowledge job and to give a proper time to know better yourself than others. This thing will help you to clarify what you want to improve in yourself and forget “I am like that” or “I cannot do it”.

Strengths provide us the confidence to do a task, but you must see your weaknesses as a chance for change an improvement. To find your weaknesses you can write them on a page or you can ask any closed one to inform you about your weaknesses.

Strengths And Weaknesses In An Interview

Strengths And Weaknesses In An Interview

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses not only benefits you for the improvement purpose but also in the interview. It is very common that in a job interview you are being asked about your strengths and also your weaknesses.

It is a kind of trap question which is being asked in the vast majority of the interviews. Basically, it is asked to know your way of presenting yourself and to know a little about your personality.

Some Not So Serious Weaknesses

Some more weaknesses are listed below:

Some Not So Serious Weaknesses

There are also some weaknesses which are not very serious as:

  • Disorganized.
  • Unpunctual.
  • Slow.
  • Clueless.

But these weaknesses can also lead towards serious consequences in some conditions. For example, if you are not punctual and you have to attend an important meeting with a client but you arrive late. The client can be aggressive and can cancel the deal or you can be fired by your boss.

Remember: The list of weaknesses can vary person to person and these can be changed a lot from one person to another. Each individual possesses a world in itself and it is your duty to know yourself.

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