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What Are The Health Benefits Of Tea?

Beginning its ancestry in China, tea which is a healthy beverage is one of the world’s most popular drinks. We have been drinking it for over 350 years. But in reality, the history of tea goes further back. The story of tea begins in China.

It was first introduced in Japan, by Japanese Buddhist monks who had traveled to China to study and took tea for mediation.The tree by which they use to make it was Camellia Sinensis and the resultant drink was what we currently call tea. At TryArticles, we will look at the health benefits of different types of tea prepared from Camellia Sinensis.Health Benefits Of Tea

Universal Benefits Of Tea

During the prehistoric times, the Chinese used it for  Common cold reduction to weight loss. Recent scientific research has given us an insight into how tea improves health and what are its benefits.

Let’s look that how research shows us about benefits of tea.

Tea Fields on mountains

Lowered Cholesterol

Tea is helpful in reducing the absorption of cholesterol from the intestine. The tea known as Pu-erh tea is the most famous one for this purpose, though it is just a traditional belief and only a few shreds of evidence are there to prove this.

Blindness Prevention

Tea contains a lot of antioxidants, it is found in eye tissue. In fact, drinking tea is proved to be helpful in preventing cataracts, said a 2001 study.

Reduce Cortisol LevelTea Reduces Cortisol Level

Consume tea for just six weeks and it will reduce your cortisol production and when cortisol, a stress hormone become reduced, it will slow the process of your skin aging and lessens belly fat.


Dynamic or active compounds in tea can help in bringing down of soreness. Aggravation can happen because of relatively every advanced ailment, including joint inflammation, metabolic disorder, and sadness. So a couple some tea can enable you to look better and can secure you against cardiovascular sicknesses.

Increase Focus, Concentration, And MemoryTea Increases Memory and focus

General research has demonstrated that amino acids in tea, enhances memory while expanding concentration and focus (consider priests mediating).


In spring you should begin a look for your most loved tea. Why? A 2007 Japanese study found that polyphenol in tea might be useful for decreasing dust or pollen hypersensitivities. Tea may likewise decrease allergic conditions because of the presence of quercetin, a flavonol, which is known for the reducing of the histamine reaction. You can likewise add honey to your tea to expand its anti-allergic properties.

Decreased Risk Of Stroke

Consumption of at least three cups of green or black tea in a day results in a 21% reduction in the risk of ischemic stroke, according to 2009 Meta study. So, protect yourself in advance.

Reduce Risk Of DementiaTea Can Reduce The Risk of Dementia

Tea by acting through several pathways can reduce the risk of dementia, including those of nerve synapses and blood sugar regulation.

Improved Overall Health Markers

You can prop up your health, with as few as 2-3 cups per day of this calorie-free, sugar-free drink. Just like wine or coffee, there are numerous types, blends, styles, countries of origins and more. It is also proved that people who drink tea have better health outcomes as compared to those who do not drink it.

So, go. Discover. And enjoy a cup of tea which suits your taste and enhance your health.

Types Of Tea And Their Health Benefits

As said above, there are lots of different types of teas. These are all made from different herbs and plants.
Each one has a unique taste and exceptional benefits to your health but the true tea is of Camellia Sinensis and we will only discuss them here.

Before looking at each of the benefits, we ’ll check different kinds of tea, which will help you to find the one that you like best according to your taste and what benefits you’re looking for.

Black Tea

Black tea

This tea is created from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant and is recognized for its dark color when brewed. This tea is more tarnished or oxidized than the others, which gives it the stronger and long-term taste. It is also mixed with bergamot oil to make Grey tea. Now let us look at the benefits of black tea.

Benefits Of Black Tea

  • Aid In The Digestive System: Because black tea has chemicals called tannins, it can be used to help in the digestion. It helps in relaxing intestines, which can help in digestion of meals and prevent other digestive issues.
  • Black Tea Has An Anti-Inflammatory Effect On The Body: Along with aiding digestion, black tea is also rich in antioxidants, which can help prevent inflammation.
  • Black Tea Can Help Protecting Skin: Black tea has ingredients that assist in skin protection. Studies also prove that it can lessen the risk of damage through sunlight. This can be chiefly helpful for those living in sunny countries.
  • Black Tea Can Help Burn Calories: The caffeine in black tea helps in burning calories. This can help in weight loss and prevent obesity, which can have a range of health problems and is a common problem among people today.

Green Tea

Green tea

Besides the popularity of black tea, green tea also has many similar health benefits. It even offers stronger benefits in some areas when compared to black tea. The history of green tea goes back as far 2737 BC. In the fifteenth century, Chinese sailors were given green tea to avert scurvy which could take lives of a significant number of their European partners over 100 years after the fact. 15% of green tea is made away from catechins. Catechins have the property against microbial activities.

Health Benefits Of Green Tea

  • Green Tea helps in protection Against Cancer: A number of studies in animals and humans found a lower risk of cancer in people who drank green tea regularly. This benefit likely comes from ingredients like polyphenols and catechins. The National Cancer Institute says that catechins reduce the size of chemically induced tumors and inhibit the growth of tumor cells.
  • Green Tea Can Maintain Heart Health: Green tea has also been shown to decrease blood pressure as well as cholesterol in the blood vessels. All of these effects can help protect against a heart stroke.
  • Green Tea Help In Fat Burning: Green tea can help in fat burning. This could be because of polyphenols that the green tea contains. This makes a green tea more useful drink as compared to black tea for maintaining weight and prevents obesity.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea

This tea is made by a process of drying the leaves under extreme sunlight and it is then rolled. This makes a lightly colored tea that has a mild or calm taste. Oolong tea has a few health benefits which are listed below.

Benefits Of Oolong Tea

  • Protection From Plaques On Teeth: Being beneficial for health issues, oolong tea is also surprisingly useful for combating plaque. Studies have shown that just rinsing your mouth with a cup of oolong tea can protect from teeth plaques.
  • Oolong Tea Helps In Managing Diabetes: Oolong tea can reduce the sugar in the blood and very efficiently helps in maintaining diabetes.

White TeaWhite Tea

White tea is another unique type of tea. The main difference in white tea is that it is not oxidized or rolled and is darker than other kinds. But, this doesn’t mean that white tea has any less beneficial effects on health than the other types.

Benefits Of White Tea

  • White Tea Maintains Mental Health: One unique benefit of white tea is that it could help protect cells in your brain from damage. This is because of the strong antioxidants in the tea. This could help protect you from mental illness like Alzheimer’s disease or depression. That’s why white tea is the best choice for old people looking to protect their mental health.
  • White Tea Can Fight Bacteria: White tea can also be useful in protecting you against bacterial infections. They might also help speed up your recovery if you’re already sick.

Fermented TeaFermented Tea

This tea is processed over months, or even years. This results in a tea that has a strong aroma. It also has a much milder taste than other teas. This procedure likewise changes the synthetic structure or makeup of the tea leaves which changes the method of activity, tea can have in the body.

Health Benefits Of Fermented Tea

  • Fermented Tea is loaded with Probiotics: Because this type of tea is made by fermentation it is a rich source of probiotics. Probiotic can also refer to as good bacteria. Probiotics have various functions. These include helping digestion, improving the immune system, and even boosting mental health.
    If you don’t like common probiotic-rich foods like yogurt or cheese than probably you could take black tea.
  • Fermented Tea May Slow Down Carbohydrate Digestion: So, this tea brings great advantage for diabetics looking to stabilize or maintain their blood sugar levels. It might also work for the suppression of appetite, which can help in keeping weight low and hence in preventing obesity. These remarkable benefits make fermented tea an enormous digestive aid when combined with its high probiotic content.

Alert! Do Not Add MilkMilk Or No Milk In Tea

If you take tea, you probably drink it for enjoyment and satisfaction, not for its health benefits. More than two billion people in the world drink tea. Many people have a routine to add a bit of milk to their regular cup of tea. It is a matter of taste, but scientists now say that a drop of milk can completely negate or wipe out all the benefits which tea can have on our health. How is that possible?

It has been found through research that the caseins, proteins found in milk, form complexes with catechins in tea and diminishes its benefits.

What Should We Do?

If you do not want to wipe the benefits of your tea, try drinking it with honey and lemon. Or drink green tea neat, with nothing added, like so much Chinese and Japanese.

If you guys want to share your tea experience with TryArticles than you are more than welcome.  Below, in the comments section tell us that what is the importance of tea in your life but our precious readers whatever you do, stay away from sugar-sweetened tea beverages and chai concoctions.

These products are loaded with extra calories and consuming more than the occasional sweetened tea drink can lead you in the wrong direction. For reading similar articles like, “What Are The Health Benefits Of Tea?” you can  visit our Healthy Living category.


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