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What Are The Names Of Disney Princesses?

The most loving Disney princesses are the most popular and favorite characters of children as well as adults as they are adventurous, clever and very jolly and they wear amazing costumes. There is no doubt that now these characters became the idol of every child. Every kid who watches Disney knows the names of Disney princesses.

Disney is one of the most popular platforms and every kid has the word Disney on their tongue. People want to know the names of Disney princesses so that they can get autograph of every princess at Disney World.

Names Of Disney Princesses

So far there were 11 most beloved Disney princesses in the world. Can you tell me their best traits and why are they so inspiring? Do you know which were literally princess and which aren’t? All these questions will be answered in this article.

Names Of Disney Princesses

Given below is the names of Disney princesses with complete detail and pictures.

Snow White

Snow White is the first Disney princess. She was the first princess who came in animated feature film and it was released in 1937. This movie was named as snow white and seven dwarfs. One of the most popular versions of her were that by Brothers Grimm. Snow White is a generous, loving and was a really pretty princess.

Snow white

She was the first literally princess as she was the daughter of the king and a queen. However, she is pursued by a villain a queen who was also a witch who tries to end her life. Snow White was known for her gentle and noble temperament due to which she loves animals and they become friends with her. Most importantly the seven dwarfs.


Cinderella is the second Disney princess. This amazing character has formed the part of pop culture since the film was premiered in 1950, however, the version was based on Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm. This story is based on love.

Names Of Disney Princesses Cinderella

Cinderella was not born as the princess she belongs to a merchant family and worked as a scullery maid for her stepmother and stepsisters. Once she went to the royal ball and lost her slipper there, Cinderella caused the prince to search for her. This noble and beautiful girl become official after marrying a prince.


Belle is another Disney princess. Her film beauty and the beast is released in 1991 based on the story by Jeanne Marie Le Prince de Beaumont. She was the main character. Belle is beloved for her noble and affectionate character. She has a noble heart who understands the beauty of others heart regardless of their appearance.

Names Of Disney Princesses Belle

In this story, she falls in love with a beast who has a frightening appearance but was actually a prince. Belle was an unconventional princess, brave and independent. Like Cinderella, Bella did not come from a royal family but she became a princess after marrying the beast, who was actually an honest and handsome prince under a witch’s spell, which changed the appearance of a prince to the beast.


The little mermaid hit into theaters in 1989 and introduced us to Ariel. This is based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson. Among all the Disney princesses Ariel is one of the most amazing and beautiful mermaids who was famous for her love, independence. She was cheerful and spirited. This charming mermaid is not afraid to stand against her protective father, King Triton in order to get what she wants visiting the human world and marrying Prince Eric.



Jasmine is the character of the film Aladdin. She is the Disney princess. This movie is released in 1992 based on the story from the One Thousand And One Nights. She is the princess of Agrabah and she is an adventurous brave girl who was not willing to marry a single man. With her strong and amazing character, she made the entire kingdom tremble that she will marry that man who will win her heart and that was Aladdin of course.

disney princess full names Jasmine


Pocahontas is one of the bravest girls. She was based on a real Powhatan girl who lived in Virginia at the beginning of the 17th century in the land of Tsenacommacah. Her real name was Matoaka but she was known as Pocahontas which means “little mischief”.

lists of disney princesses Pocahontas
This movie was released in 1995. This movie was very different from other Disney movies it’s romanticized. Pocahontas was very intelligent and strong. Since she was the daughter of the chief so can be considered as a princess.


Mulan is the Disney princess who cares about her own comfort and freedom than anyone else. Being a perfect daughter was not her priority she wanted to do what she wants even she does not want to be an elegant wife. She decides to honor her family and save her father by wearing a soldiers uniform and joining the army to defend China against Huns.

what are the names of the disney princesses Mulan

Mulan is a bit clumsy at first but afterward, she remained to steadfast and determined. She fought for her country and honored her family. She was actually not a princess as she does not belong to a royal family but she married a captain. This movie was premiered in 1998 and was based on the legend of Hua Mulan.


The beautiful and gorgeous sleeping beauty is not other than Aurora. It is inspired by Perrault and Brothers Grimm. Although she was humble and brave this girl was a part of a royal family and the princess of her realm with her courteous and polite behavior she managed to conquer the hearts of everyone. Sleeping beauty was released in 1959 and she was the third Disney princess after Cinderella.

walt disney princess names Aurora


Rapunzel was a beautiful and courageous little girl. She was born in a royal family and was a princess by birth. A witch took her off with her in a tower where she lived. There she spelled magic on her hair. Rapunzel was energetic and became able to run from the tower to her family. Rapunzel is the star of the Disney movie Tangle. The film was released in 2010 and based on a tale by Brothers Grimm. She was the youngest Disney princess and the first one to be made in CGI.

princesses names Rapunzel
These all the most loved and charming princesses from Walt Disney, which are followed and loved a lot by the children. Now you can get Disney princesses autograph book.

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