What Are The Types And Characteristics Of Eating Disorders?

You may have observed the people in surrounding that are engaged in the habit of overeating or they eat very less in a day according to the demands of their body. It’s mean that they have the problem with eating, as a result, they suffer from eating disorders. The disorder may be anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder, or bulimia nervosa. The disorder may be inherited or due to depression or anxiety or it may be due to environmental or cultural issues.EATING DISORDERS

Here at Tryarticles, I will discuss the types and characteristics of eating disorders.

Types and Characteristics of Eating Disoders

The person who is suffering from an eating disorder has definite symptoms that others people noticed a lot. The eating disorders just like other disorders have some characteristics. These characteristics are following.

  • Major Characteristics

There are some changes that take place in body and mind of a person who is suffering from eating disorder. These characteristics help to identify the eating disorder in a common man who is unknown of the truth that what issue he has with himself and it becomes dangerous for his psychological and physical health.CHARACTERERISTICS

  • The person behaves emotionally without thinking.
  • The person pretends that he is perfect.
  • The person worries about the things that are unimportant.
  • The person becomes very sensitive to reward or punishment.
  • The person continues his work even if others are against.
  • The person thoughts without any reason and worries a lot. In short, he becomes obsessive.
  • The person hides the food or wrappers from others.
  • The person vomits dramatically and tries to vomit by self.
  • The person with an eating disorder does excessive exercise.
  • The person continuously goes to the bathroom after eating.
  • The person eats if no one is present in the surrounding.  

The biological and physiological issues including environment also play a role in the development of eating disorders.

  • Types Of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders also have types including different symptoms that can help to identify the specific type of eating disorder. Following are the different types of eating disorders.

  • Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa leads to thin weight or fear of gaining weight. You may definitely observe the persons who worry a lot about their weight and maybe you have a deal with such type of persons who often try to lose their weight even if no threat exists to become fatty. They have a psychological issue and they are not satisfied with their body.

They are thin in appearance but still worry that they are fatty. They have irregular diet and avoid to take food properly. They become very sensitive in a choice of food, as a result, they start avoiding food. So such type of person cannot enjoy food as the normal person enjoys daily.

less food

They become selective in the choice of food. This mental illness has harmful effects on their body. The disorder may arise due to psychological, physical or social issues. That’s not a common thing it’s too dangerous for the health if it becomes excessive. Many inabilities may occur. The inability to take food also occurs. Fatigue also occurs in this condition and person becomes weak and thin.

  • Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa is also known as Binge Eating Disorder. The person that is suffering from this disorder eats a lot. The excessive food take without any limitation and proper timing makes a person fatty and the body image get distorted. It has harmful and dangerous effects on health. The risk of death also increases in this disorder. The person cut off with the family and friends after eating a lot and become very sensitive. This too much sensitivity refers to an imbalance in psychological well being. The chances of the cardial block also increase due to low potassium and imbalance in the electrolyte within the body. OVER EATINGThe social life also becomes imbalance and person feels shameful and guilt arises after taking a heavy meal. The depression and anxiety also arise within the person who suffers from binge eating disorder. Excessive episodes of eating are present and body image disturbs a lot in result. The esophagus can break, therefore the risk of dying increases.

  • Pica

Pica is also an eating disorder in which non-nutritive food is taken by a person who is suffering from this eating disorder. It may  be caused due to some other disorders like mental retardation etc. This may begin due to developmental disabilities also. These disabilities occur due to any fixation during the developmental stages. The ingestion of any substance takes place that is non-nutritive like ice. Ice ingestion is the sign of anemia.  The ingestion of non-nutritive substance may take place at least one month or above. It also uses a coping mechanism in some cultures.


The mild aversion therapy is used by giving the reward to the person for eating the normal nutritive food. Pica is not so dangerous as other disorders are.

  • Night Eating Syndrome

Night eating syndrome is also an eating disorder caused by depression, anxiety or imbalanced hormones. If the diet at daytime is irregular then it leads to night eating syndrome. Our body consumes energy at daytime and the persons who eat only in the night they may become fatty because at night the body consumes less energy. The sleeping cycle eventually got disturbed and sleep illness may also arise.

night eating

It may cause insomnia or sleeping sickness. Human body stores extra calories as fat at the night time. The imbalance in hormones occurs and sleep cycle of a person who has night eating syndrome differs to the normal person’s sleep cycle .

  • Purging Eating Disorder

Purging eating is also a disorder. It may present in a person due to symptoms like vomit by self and less control on eating etc. Due to purging eating disorder, the sodium level, potassium level, and all the fluids in the body imbalances and chances of a heart attack became high. SELF INDUCED VOMITAs a result, death of an individual may occur instantly. People often do the exercise out of limit, therefore, it affects badly the physical health of a person.

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