People have different personalities with their personal strengths and weaknesses. They are often aware of their strengths but not weaknesses so they fail to improve their weaknesses because they also ignore their own weaknesses.Personal Strenghts And Weaknesses

Here at TryArticles, I have discussed the personal strengths and weaknesses of people that will help you to understand your own personal strengths and weaknesses also.

Personal Strengths And Weaknesses

No one is perfect in this world. People have many weaknesses and strengths that decide to make their personality. The person’s who completely know their strengths and weaknesses become successful in life. It is necessary to improve the weaknesses to learn and to do better in life. The strengths and weaknesses of people in general are as following.

Problem-Solving Ability

The major strength that people should have is the problem-solving ability. It is the ability to solve the problems either these problems are related to work, job, study or social relationships. The people who solve all the problems of others including their own selves in life may have more relaxed mind as compared to others. The solution of everything is present but some people know the tricks to solve the problems. Problem Solving AbilityIf you don’t have the problem-solving ability then it is your weak point also that may defeat you many times in different fields of life. The people who solve their problems more fast have the better psychological well-being than the other persons who can not solve their problems by their own self and depend upon others.


Self-confidence is the strength that helps people to become successful in life. Self-confidence also helps to cope with any difficult situation in life. The people who have self-confidence do all things better as compared to the people who have low self-confidence. Self-confidence matters a lot because it is the hidden reason for success.

By self-confidence, you can change the right into wrong and you can do many things by your own self in life including creativity. The people who are self-confident performs better in all departments including work settings or jobs etc. They do everything with confidence and believe that they are right and can make the things possible.


Everything is possible for self-confident people while the people with low self-confidence think that they can not do so many things and the word “Impossible” disturbs them a lot. So if you do not have self-confidence then it is your major weakness because it is the reason of failure and defeat also in many people. They leave things or do not communicate due to low self confidence. So build the self-confidence enough to support yourself.

Fake Personality And Persona

Persona is the mask of duality that people have. Such people are dual and fake because they show their dual part in front of other people. The people who have persona are not true and real because they have a fake personality that is not trust worthy in any relationship. These people think negative from the inner side and pretend to be positive and good person at face of others.

The persona is also not acceptable in a religious way because duality is harmful to other as well as for ourselves. The duality is opposite of morality because the things which are pretended by us are not real. The behavior of fake people remains persistent for a very short interval of time after this they cannot control and hide their real and bad faces that disturb the normal and good people.

FAKE PERSONALITY AND PERSONA The fake personality is the big weakness that also has negative effects on our work and relationships. If the fake and dual people break the trust of other people one time then they can not set their real and good image in front of those people who are hurt by them. To improve your personality you should kick out the persona of your life. Show the real you that what you are, to become a positive and good person.

Patience As A Strength And Weakness

Patience is the strength that is very necessary to become a sensible person because it stops us to overreact in many situations. Many situations become dangerous and harmful due to lack of patience because people give pain and harm to others and do not understand the situation properly.

Lack of patience is also a big weakness because it is the reason for the loss of self-control. Self-control and patience are directly related to each other. Lack of patience is the reason of many broken relationships because people do not understand others and react impulsively. Improve your personality by developing patience because it is the best thing that you should have in your personality.


Many conflicts are developing due to lack of patience and we have seen many people with quarrels even they kill one another so this is very harmful attempt by people. People with patience are more sensible than others because they understand the situation and do not overreact therefore problems are solved by this act of patience.

Creativity As Your Strength

Creativity is the talent which is the organization of new ideas and thoughts. The intelligent people have more creativity than others. They create many new things which surprise others so creativity is the strength of people. By creativity, we can change many things and we can gain attention in a positive way.

Creativity depends upon nature of people. Some people show their creativity in studies, some in work or job and some people use creative and positive things in relationships that make other persons happy including their close relationships and friends. creativityPositive thinking is also necessary for the creativity because with negative thinking and thoughts we can not do a positive thing and creativity is the beautiful and positive thing in life in its own way.

Discipline And Time Management

Discipline is very important to become a sensible person in life. Discipline is also the strength of the people because discipline in every field makes the things proper. The proper arrangement of things also makes our mind relax and the things happen on time due to discipline.

Time management

Time management is the key to success because time if passes then it never comes back. So people who do the things on time become successful in life.

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