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What Does HMU Mean?

HMU is an online acronym used for “Hit Me Up.” It is used to say “text me”, “contact me”, “Phone Me” or you can also use it as “reach me to follow up on this.” It has vast meanings and is used in different senses.

It is a modern way to invite people to communicate with you more, but not typically at this point. It is an internet slang that can be used during online texting, chatting, email and instant messaging.

What Does HMU MeanLike many other internet expressions, HMU expression is a part of the online conversation culture. Like any human group behavior, language and speech expressions are used to build a cultural identity through customized language and different conversational expressions. Another internet slang which is used on many social media networking sites is “BRB” an abbreviation of “Be Right Back“.


HMU means “Hit Me Up.” It is widely used on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other messaging application. This acronym Hit Me Up mainly used on social networking website in private message, Comments such as on Facebook and What’s App.

Actually, people’s used this acronym to tell somebody to get in touch with him later. By using slang’s they are asking that individual person to hit them up when they are doing a discussion or are making an arrangement.

What Does HMU Stand For?

Nowadays social media networking websites and instant messaging dominated the world communication system. People now like to communicate with their friends, family and loved ones. They are using a number of slangs and abbreviations every day.

HMU is one of the famously used slangs. Maybe you have seen these hashtags of this abbreviation. LOL, LMAO, etc. on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. Every day the new generation comes up with new slangs, so it becomes difficult to remember all the new slangs and acronym.

Let’s say if anyone sends a message to their friend and then tells them that they will be at home soon, then their friend can reply with ‘ok HMU’. This means that the friend is asking that person to hit them up when he reaches home.

Unlike all numerous other slang expressions, this acronym is said frequently for example “LMAO, HMM or RTFM” Like if two friends are hanging out and one is going to leave, then the person may reply them with Hit Me Up before to make the next tour plan.

Some Uses And Explanation

This Slang is very popular and mostly used by the youth. But sometimes it can be quite confusing for someone who is not used to with this type of slang language. Now I will try to explain with some examples of uses and meaning of this acronym.

In most cases, Hit Me Up is used to request someone to call or text him/her later. Sometimes people use acronym DM or Direct Message. For instance, “HMU when you are free for hangout” would mean “Call or Text me when you are free for hangout”.

What Does HMU Mean On Facebook?

Everyone is aware that Facebook is one of the most used website and very popular among youth. Facebook is one of the most useful application these days. Every person is using Facebook, a greater amount of teenagers is seen on Facebook.

What Does HMU Mean On FacebookIt has a lovely feature of Instant Messenger which allows users to send messages to each other for free of cost. So What Does HMU Stand For On Facebook? But on Facebook Messenger chatting, sometimes it becomes difficult to write the whole sentence so we use acronyms.

So the use of this acronym or LOL or HMM and more widely used to solve the situation. People use HMU on Facebook and Messenger Application. Also, HMU is used in Facebook groups. For Example, People often update their relatives that I have a free train ticket, HMU.

What Does HMU Mean On Snapchat?

If you do not know, people are widely using it on Snapchat either as a hashtag or normally. I have checked today and found there are 3 million times used this hashtags on Snapchat. So have you ever wondered that What Does HMU actually Stands For On Snapchat?

What Does HMU Mean On SnapchatCheck some examples of this acronym on Snapchat below:

Usage Of HMU On Snapchat

Example 1:

Person A: I will be back to my home some days later.

Person B: OK! Sound Good, HMU.

In the above example, Person A is trying to tell that, I will come back some days later and will do the party. Person B, like to tell, it’s ok, Hit Me Up when you reach. So that we can arrange the party together. 

Example 2:

John Smith: Hello, HMU when you are ready for a tour. 

Alexis: Sure!

In the above example, John Smith asked to Hit Me Up when Alexis will be ready for a tour. 

What Does HMU Mean In Text?

Hit Me Up: What does this acronym stand for in texting? Basically, this slang language, HMU is generally used for talking to each other on Facebook or instant messaging. This internet slangs usually used to mean someone for getting in touch with me later.

This Hit Me Up or HMU slangs become popular from back in mid-2010. It is appraised as having more than half a million notice in a single day. Above all, the most astounding opinion of this acronym is, it is mostly used by the youth. 

Have a look at one example of HMU used while texting:

John: Hey, Kim!

Kim: Hey, How are you?

John: I’m fine! Where are you now?

Kim: In hometown now. You?

John: Whoa! When did you come?

Kim: Just yesterday.

John: Cool! HMU asap. We have a lot to do.

What Does HMU Mean?

HMU is an abbreviation for the phrase “Hit Me Up.” It is a request for social invites, often posted online to announce that you are looking for something to do also to encourage others to reach out to you. 

In a one-on-one exchange, it is an invitation for continuous contact, meaning “Text Me” or “Call Me” or simply “Let’s Talk Again.” It can also stand for “Hook Me Up,” which is typically a request to be connected with something or someone in which you have an interest.

Finally, HMU can stand for “Hold My Unicorn”, an internet meme that came as a joke about the multiple possibilities of what this acronym could stand for. This acronym has also been used in action to mean “Hold My Unicorn,” but it is not the most common usage for HMU.


This acronym used to mean “that people are asking for something from someone,” as in David hits me up for a loan every Saturday night.” However, at any time in 2009, the expression was updated to mean “communicate with me further.”

The “Hold My Unicorn” meaning of this abbreviation may have been first seen in 2010 on Urban Dictionary. “Hit Me Up” was used before HMU and was originally used to request or solicit something. One of the popular internet slangs on social media is WYD which is an abbreviation of “What You Doing” or “What are You Doing“.

HistoryAs internet abbreviations started to get famous in the early 2000s, this phrase was revamped to refer specifically to social requests and was shortened to HMU. The first-ever Urban Dictionary entry for HMU is from April 2009. 

In late 2010 and early 2011, some people responded to HMU’s widespread presence by mockingly defining it as “Hold My Unicorn.” This form of the acronym has become an internet meme. 


It can be written in all lower case as hmu. Both lowercase and uppercase versions mean the same thing and you are welcome to use any given internet’s relative informality. 

You just have to avoid writing the whole statement in uppercase as it is considered a bit rude and is an expression of shouting on the internet. 

Who Uses This Acronym?

HMU is often expressed over online or text messaging and can be a request, for example, “Will you HMU if something happens?” or a demand e.g “HMU if something is going on.” As a common abbreviation, it is considered casual but it can appear in different ways like romance, friendship or after a successful meeting online. 

As a meme, “Hold My Unicorn” is flexible and can be used in response or as a single post at the increasingly common use of abbreviations in language. 

How To Use It In A Sentence?

Following are a few examples of HMU in daily conversations:

HMU Example No. 01:

Daniel: I have two e-coupons for 20% off at the movie. Does anyone want to go?

Tyler: I’ll take one! I could use a new shirt.

Daniel: OK, HMU with your contact details so I can send them to you.

HMU Example No. 02:

Abiola: Jay! HMU later for the tickets. I have kept them in my car.

Jay: Cool. How about we meet you at the country club after 5? I’ll bring cash.

Abiola: kk sounds good.

How To Use It In A SentenceHMU Example No. 03:

Tuan: Bro, I need to borrow your ID.

Daniel: My ID? Dude, what are you up to?

Tuan: Intramural hockey. I need to show any school ID before they let me on the ice 

Daniel: Gotcha. D, HMU at dinner. I’ll be at KFC in the CAB building at 11:30.

HMU Example No. 04:

You may also see HMU being used to mean “Hold My Unicorn.” Look at this example:

John: Hey man, why were you texting me so late last night?

Andy: I wanted you to HMU while I made food.

Some Other Meanings For HMU

  • Hold My Umbrella 
  • Hot Man Underpants
  • Hot Musty Underarms
  • Hug My Uterus
  • Hold My Unicorn
  • Hefty Male Urethra
  • Horrible Maroon Urine
  • Hide My Unicorn
  • Hold My Underwear

There are unlimited examples possible to give like the ones above that are basically spin-offs of the original HMU. But HMU simply means Hit Me Up. It is a common term that is to be used instead of the long version “Hit Me Up.”

Here some of the most commonly used Internet abbreviations so click here to visit FluentU for English Internet Slangs.

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