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What Does IT Stand For? Some Abbreviations Of IT

What Does IT stand for? IT Stands for “Information Technology“. IT deals with the use of electronic computers and software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and securely retrieve information.

IT also stands for some other terms. In this article, you will find similar slang words or abbreviations, what do they stand for? What do they mean on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram?

it stands for

These days people are used to putting abbreviations in their online conversation instead of complete sentence or phrase. There are many internet slangs which are popular and commonly used on social media sites and applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Some “IT” Abbreviations

What does IT stand for in other acronyms? IT is an abbreviation of several phrases, few of them are listed below:

it acronym

  • IT Internet Times
  • IT Information Technology
  • IT International Trade
  • IT India Today (newspaper)
  • IT Individual Training
  • IT Italy (Including Sardinia & Sicily)
  • IT Item
  • IT Institute of Technology
  • IT Investment Trust
  • IT Innovative Technology
  • IT Information Theory
  • IT Income Tax
  • IT Initial Test
  • IT Individual Therapy
  • IT Innovative Test
  • IT Integrated Testing
  • IT Integration Test
  • IT Integration Testing
  • IT Internet Tonight (TechTV)
  • IT Influence Technology
  • IT Iran Time (GMT+0300)
  • IT Injury Time (soccer)
  • IT Instrument Team
  • IT Instrument Test
  • IT Inclusive Tour
  • IT Iowa Telecom
  • IT Inside Terminal (telephony)
  • IT Inspiration Technology (Compaq)
  • IT Integrated Terminal
  • IT Intermediate Technology
  • IT Instructor Trainer (American Red Cross)
  • IT Instructor
  • IT Imagine That
  • IT Instructional Technology (educational technology)
  • IT International Terrorism
  • IT Institutional Training
  • IT Ion Trap
  • IT Information Systems Technician (US Navy Rating)
  • IT Integral Transform
  • IT Inflation Targeting
  • IT Inheritance Tree (MIB)
  • IT In Transition
  • IT Instant Teller (CIBC Banking, Canada)
  • It Italic (linguistics)
  • IT Immunotherapy
  • IT Intermittent Therapy
  • IT Immortal Technique (rapper)
  • IT Interline Transfer (CCD image devices)
  • IT Iliotibial Band
  • IT Icy Tower (game)
  • IT Incidental Take
  • IT Intrathecal
  • IT Immunology Today
  • IT Intratumoral
  • IT Intratracheal
  • IT Illuminatus Trilogy (book series by R. A. Wilson & R. Shea)
  • IT Impulse Tracker (digital music)
  • IT Ischial Tuberosity
  • IT Inspection Traveler
  • IT International Technology Division
  • IT Income Tax Ruling Series (IRS)
  • IT Increasing Term Rider (life insurance)
  • IT Indirectly Tunable
  • IT Iconoclastic Titans (Quake 3 CTF Clan)
  • IT Information Terminology
  • IT Indie Talk (filmmaking web community)
  • IT Incentive Training (US DoD)
  • IT Incredible Technologies, Inc. (gaming manufacturer; Arlington Heights, IL)
  • IT Inanimate Target
  • IT Improved Touring (racing forum)
  • IT Instituto de Telecomunicações (Portuguese: Telecommunications Institute)
  • IT Inferotemporal Cortex (brain area)
  • IT Integrated Timeline
  • IT Interruptible Transportation (low priority transportation service)
  • IT Ignition Transformer
  • IT Ilmatorjunta (Finnish: Anti-aircraft defense)
  • IT Inactivity Test
  • IT Insuficiencia Tricuspidea (Spanish: Tricuspid Insufficiency)
  • IT Insulating Transformer
  • IT Instructor Text Book
  • IT Interoperability Test
  • IT Industrial Trainee
  • IT In Topic
  • IT Integrated Teaming (Capability Maturity Model Integration)
  • IT Intercity Transit
  • IT Imperial Tobacco
  • IT Intelligent Terrain
  • IT Inter-Toll
  • IT Integrated Trials
  • IT Intermediate Trunk
  • IT Inner Targets
  • IT Indecisive Time (Kids Next Door TV show)
  • IT Internodal Transport (Sprint)
  • IT Interstitial Transfer

Few Popular Abbreviations or Slang words

what does i.t. stand for

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