What Does It Take to Start a Food Truck Business?

If you want to start your own business related to Food then this post is for you. As restaurants are everywhere in towns cities parks and beaches around the world. But to compete in a market you need to do something unique with hard work. So to attract customers you can start food truck business.

There are many traditional restaurants that now become mobile. What they are now doing is serve people their delicious foods across the country. They’ve bought a truck, and drive across the country selling delicious food and lots of customers buy from them as it also facilitates people.

Start a Food Truck Business

It is not only beneficial for business but also customers feel easy to buy their favorite food at their door. Many people don’t want to visit Restaurants so can buy from Food Truck. But what does it take to start a food truck business? all you need is to read this article.

How To Start a Food Truck Business?

To start a successful Food Truck business you need to follow some steps. So follow the mentioned steps to start your own Food Truck Business.

5 Steps To Follow:-

  1. Work Space
  2. Licensed
  3. Funding
  4. Insurance
  5. Social Media

Work Space

First and most important is to get a place to work from and for food Truck business you need a truck. Once you have it next you need proper food equipment so that you can cook your specific food in.

Your truck should be attractive enough to grab peoples attention and this can be done by either bright colors or other cool designs.


Yes, it is not as easy as it looks you will also need to acquire the proper licenses to operate your food truck legally. You should also have health department certificates, truck permits, and parking permits. This may take some time to get a food truck license but once done then you can easily proceed further.


The start a new business a good bit of capital is required, so best is to get some funding from local companies. You can take help from them like the food items you sell in your truck came from their grocery store. Even you can get a loan to pay for everything you’ll need, you could even start a GoFundMe to raise some money for your career.


You will also need some good insurance because your business is in a truck. Trucks accidents are more than other non-moving buildings so you will need insurance. This will ensure you that if any damages occur to your truck in an accident you will get back your money.

Social Media

If you want more people to know about your business then social media is the best way to get the attention of a community. You can promote your food business even you can use it to promote certain specials for the day or any other special menu items from day to day.

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Food Truck For Sale

Let’s have a look at some Food Truck for sale, you can choose according to your budget and preferences.

  • 2003 Wood Fired Pizza Food Truck for Sale – $60,000

Wood Fired Pizza Food Truck

  • Used 1987 Food Truck for Sale – $27,500

Food Truck For Sale Florida

  • Green Donut Trailer for Sale – $42,000

Green Donut Trailer

  • 1998 Used Food Truck for Sale – $39,999

1998 Food Truck

  • Food Trailer For Sale $24,900

Truck Food Trailer

  • Chevy Food Truck For Sale –  $27,500

Chevy Truck Food

  • 1990 Food Truck for Sale – $32,000

Food Truck 1990

  • 2010 Food Trailer For Sale – $24,000

Food Trailer 2010

  • 2018 Used Elite Food Trailer for Sale – $28,000

2018 Elite Food Trailer

  • 2015 Used Food Trailer for Sale – $29,900

2015 Food Trailer

Food Truck Rental Cost

You must be thinking that how much does it cost to start a Food Truck on rent. Food Truck business is $1.2 billion industry and average food truck grosses $300,000.

  1. Overall Cost is $28,000 to $114,000
  2. Employee cost is $20 to $30 person/hour
  3. Truck purchasing cost $50,000 to $200,000
  4. Commissary of Truck ranges from $15-$35 per hour
  5. POS initial cost $200 to $1,000
  6. Fuel cost per month between $250 to $500
  7. Uniform cost $0 to $1000

After this post, I hope all your queries are solved from this vequill post. Still, if you have any question or want to submit your feedback the put your thoughts in the comment section. We always welcome our user or customers feedback.


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