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What Does OFC Mean? What Does OFC Stand For?

OFC is the short form of “Of course”. People use such short forms in their chat, to save time in typing full word. Such short forms are also called internet slang.

What does ofc means

There are several short words, which are commonly used in conversation. People use such words during online chatting to save time, they just quickly type abbreviation instead of the complete word. Tbh stands for “To be Honest” a texting abbreviation and is used in casual speech.

OFC is also one of those slang words which is very common. You might hear or get familiar with this term during an online conversation with someone, and if you still didn’t know what does OFC means? Here you will find everything about OFC.

What Does OFC stand for?

OFC stands for “Of-Course”. It’s a slang, which might be used during online chatting. It is an abbreviation of Of-Course.

There are several internet slang words, which are quite popular in online texting, use of such slang in conversation is now getting very common, these days people simply use the abbreviation instead of the complete word. They quickly type the abbreviation or short word and respond to another person.

ofc means

What is the meaning of  OFC?

We get it that OFC stands for “Of course”, now let’s discuss what does it exactly means. OFC is an abbreviation of Of course, which is a polite way of giving permission to someone, such as “Can I borrow your pen?” In answer, you reply “Of Course”.

In simple words, we use it, when we are agreeing or disagreeing with someone.

Its meaning differs within particular fields. It may cause confusion or misunderstanding among two people, because of its distinct meanings in various fields.

The best place you can use OFC is while chatting with friends or someone you don’t have a formal relationship.

what does mean in texting

Why we use OFC?

Why do we use OFC instead of the complete word “Of Course”? As discussed above, it is commonly used in online chatting, to save time in typing the complete word, people simply type its abbreviation and give a quick response of a message.

The character limit on some social media platforms is also the reason for using such short words. These kinds of terms are used by teenagers or youngsters.

There are many other acronyms as well that you can use in its place, those include OBV, which is an abbreviation of Obviously. Obviously is the synonym or alternative word of “Of Course”.

what does ofc stand for

How OFC Can be Used?

OFC can be used at the start or end of a sentence or might be in the middle of a sentence. It is used as a reply or response to a question or might be it can be an expression of agreement with another person.   

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Is OFC Formal Method of texting?

Using OFC is not a formal way of texting, because it is slang, you can never use slang while you are talking to your boss, client or someone who is linked with you because of your office work.

You can only use it when you are texting to your friend. The use of OFC depends upon the frankness level, So be careful, while you have a conversation with someone in authority, whether you are talking face to face or on messaging. People also use YW which is an abbreviation of “You are Welcome“, it is used in response to thank you.

What does OFC Means in other Fields?

OFC can also be used in some other fields during the conversation. The meaning of slang depends upon the type of conversation, which you are doing, is related to which field. It has different meanings regarding its different fields. Some fields and the meaning regarding that field for OFC are given below.

Medical Field:

  • OccipitoFrontal head Circumference
  • OroFacial Cleftibg
  • Olanzapine-Fluoxetine Combination
  • Optical Flow Constraint
  • Orbito Frontal Cortex
  • Orbital Frontal Cortex
  • Osteitis Fibrosa Cystica

Business Field:

  • Open Financial Connectivity
  • Omni Flow Computers
  • Optional Federal Charter
  • Offshore Financial Center

Networking Field:

  • Optical Fiber Communications
  • Oxygen Free Cable

what does mean in texting

What is the Synonymous/ Alternative of OFC?

“Of course” can be replaced by the Term “Obviously”. You can use this term in the alternate of Of course. The abbreviation of obviously is OBV. It might produce a more casual tone then Of course.

There are many other short words, which is used on messenger, twitter, Instagram. There is some social network platform where, there is a limitation of words, so these shorts words can be perfectly used there.  

Some Common Examples Of OFC


In the following example, check how OFC is used in conversation among two friends.

Friend #1: “Hey! are you going to the Farewell party tomorrow?”

Friend #2: “Ofc”

In the above example, Friend #1 asks Friend #2 a question. Instead of simply answering yes, Friend #2 answers with OFC.


Friend #1: “Tell me about the party last night! Was it rocking”

Friend #2: “OFC- it was rocking- you missed it, man!”

In the above example, Friend #1 ask about the last night party, Friend #2 explain and use a short word to express his feeling about last night.


Of course, there is nothing new in such battles.


– Of course, I am satisfied with your answer.


Of course, there are great hurdles to overcome.

Quick Wrap-up

OFC Stand for “of course”, which is used in an online conversation, it can never be a part of formal conversation. People use this type of words to give a fast reply instead of typing a full word. You should be known to such short terms because the use of internet slang is now common in routine conversation.

Possibly a confusion will be caused if such short words are used in a discussion, where the mentality level of two individuals are different (job perspective). So, in order to avoid it try to use as minimum slang as possible during your conversations.

The reason of its usage is a shortage of time and the limitation of words on some social networking sites like Twitter, where words limitation is almost 33 and character limitation is 280, so in such places, you can use short terms to convey your message.

You can find out more internet slang words and can utilize them in your daily chatting click here to visit

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