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What Does Smh Mean

What does SMH mean? If you have been online or received a text that made you wonder about what the acronym exactly means, then you came to the correct place.

Acronyms are the famous language on Social Media Nowadays, TBH. So, if you are not scrolling through a Twitter and Snapchat or you are not living with a #teenager then its very easy to get confused with all these new short forms being casually used around social media.

What does smh mean

It does not help when gibberish meme terms like “Big Mood” and “Who is She” become common vernacular overnight. So now what does SMH stands for and mean when it is next to IDC? Where to even start with SMDH LMAO?

SMH Stands For: “Shaking My Head”

What does SMH mean?

SMH is a well known online acronym that young adults and teenagers love to type into their text messages and posts on social media to express the same physical body language of Shaking Their Head in Disagreement, disbelief or Disappointment.

It may be in a reply to somebody else’s behavior, in some state of the situation, or an event that took place. Anyhow why the only response you can summon is to shake your head.

As with a lot of social media slang, the exact origin of SMH is not clear, but this initialism (“an abbreviation formed from initial letters”) came into view by 2000s as a way of marking tone online and in text messages. Its full form makes it clear, SMH means shaking one’s head from left to right, a common nonverbal way to express frustration or to say NO.

Firstly, SMH was entered on Urban Dictionary in 2004 and by 2017 it spread on Twitter. Furthermore, the slang might have been an innovation of Black Social Media users, as early and notable uses are frequent among such speech communities.

During the 2010s, publications like Vice and Bustle dedicated articles decoding SMH for readers, evidence of its rise in desired use. Now a defunct site, SMHMeansWhat, was launched in 2015, it gives examples of SMH in Gifs of people shaking their heads and SMH in text forms.

Since then, SMH has become very usual for publications to use it, unexplained, especially in headlines. BET especially features SMH articles and blogs commenting on pitiable behaviors of celebrities or disappointing Cultural news. On 1st January 2018 article ran, for instance, “SMH: Jay-Z Grammys empty-handed and social media is Rioting”

What does smh mean in texting?

Some Examples of smh are given below in which you will get to know what does smh mean in texting.

Some Examples:

Some examples of SMH used in common sentences are given below:

1st Example

As an example, let’s say that a Twitter user tweets something about How their favorite cricket team just lost a game. They could add “smh” at the end of their tweet to further express their disappointment.

“Pakistan totally should have won that game! They had it when Australia made that sho!! Smh.”

2nd Example

In another example, let’s say that your 15 years old son replied with nothing but an “smh” text message after you messaged him to say that there is absolutely no way you can lend him the car on Sunday for a meet up with his friends. So, he is clearly Very disappointed.

Father: “I need the car this Sunday, so you will have to find another way to get your weekly meetup with friends”

Son: “SMH”

Who uses SMH

SMH is frequently used in different forms of digital communications, especially in black net communities. The abbreviation of SMH is now widely famous on social media and common enough that many people will say SMH in their speech as they might use OMG and LOL. SMH is also is used grammatically in a text, for example, “I am SMH because of his amusing behavior”

giphy smh

The effect of SMH often implies an impatience gesture with perceived unnecessary silliness of a process or a person. Smh is also issued to preface what the user is frustrated and disappointed for example smh, my flight got delayed and I have a very important meeting.

GIFs of people shaking their heads captioned with smhare famous on GIF keyboards, and can be sent via text messages or these are also attached to tweets as a reaction photo. The hashtags “#smdh” and “#smh” are popular methods to tag annoyance or displeasure on social media.

What does smh mean in text

Moreover, SMH is also intensified, majorly as “Smdh” which means “shaking my damn head” but also “Smfh” means “shaking my fucking head”, and lastly “Smmfh” which means “shaking my motherfucking head”.

Ordinarily, smh will stand for so much hate, commenting or showing on scorn, or scratching my head, used for puzzlement. Moreover, the social media slang is not to be confused with the common abbreviation of the Australian Newspaper Named “The Sydney Morning Herald”.

what does smh mean in text

Besides this, SMH is used when someone said or did something that you do not approve of whatever. Just like your friend Ateka, when she says she loves her boyfriend but then she goes and sleeps over at another boy’s home. SMH, Aateka. If you want a little more emphasis, you can write SMDH, “Shaking my damn head”.

Using SMH the Right Way

There are not any strict rules at all for using this acronym. Although, you can type it in all lowercase letters and uppercase letters with a phrase or on its own.

Moreover, all you need to remember is that smh is used to emphasize a more expressive reaction that words alone cannot really communicate with other people. And using, “smh” is a lot faster and easier than typing, “I am shaking my head in disbelief” or something similar to that.

Finding Real Life Examples of SMH

Although, if you want to look at more examples of this acronym used in the wild, then search for the hashtag or term on some of your most favorite social networks. Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter are good platforms to start since many people with public blogs/profile use the hashtag or term (#smh) in their posts.

Why Use “Shaking My Head”

Acronyms like Smh and other abbreviated words are part of a big trend on social media communities or private messaging that helps people to save their precious time while adding an extra emotional response which might be tougher to express with words only.

As the world continues to accept instant messaging and mobile web browsing, you can expect trends such as smh, wth, bae, tbh and all the other crazy short-forms words to only show up more in your daily online usage, alongside with newer ones that will probably appear in the future.

Most Popular Acronyms

Some most popular acronyms are given below:

  • FOMO—” Fear of missing out”
  • IDGAF—” I don’t give a fuck”
  • IDK—” I don’t know”
  • WYD—” What you doing?”
  • OOMF—” One of my followers”
  • LMAO—” Laughing my ass off”
  • WTF—” What the fuck?”
  • WBU—” What about you?”
  • BAE—” Before anyone else”
  • TBH—” To be honest”
  • IDC—” I don’t care”

FML—” Fuckr  my life”

When thing just does not go the way you planned them, sometimes you are allowed to wallow in your sorrow. So, using FML in normal conversation is totally acceptable for all the regrettable situation in life. Oh, you left your home keys in your car? FML.


  • Furthermore, the person you liked the most called you a dude? FML.
  • If you dropped your cell phone? Major FML.

FOMO—” Fear of missing out”

Every other person experience FOMO. it is unavoidable now that every other status update points out what we are missing out on.


An individual can experience “Fear of missing out” when their best friends go out to a nice lunch but you have to stay at home and catch up on work. It is the worst.

TBH—” To be honest”

Being Honest is a good quality to have, but TBH is a gesture of smug. Although, when someone uses tbh in their conversation, it means they are saying something that usually goes against the famous opinion of the party it is directed to.


  • “I do not think I will be able to come to your farewell, I would rather stay at my home TBH”.
  • “TBH I really hate sweets”.

BAE—” Before anyone else”

Although “Bae” was not originally an acronym, the social media found an alternate meaning for this short form of a sweet word. Even many people are repelled by this “BAE” word, the meaning of this word is very cute.

Moreover, if you use this word correctly, it means that person consider as your BAE “Before anyone else”. Anything can be Bae such as attractive celebrities, Food or TV shows. Basically, it means, something you love more than any other things.

Today Internet language is very popular and so if you want to use slang words in your conversation then you should learn some popular Slang words.

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