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What Does WCW Mean

What Does WCW Mean?: Beyonce has made it very clear that Women rule the world. This is the reason why Wednesdays are dedicated to the Women on the internet. The popular hashtag WCW is also made for women.

what does wcw meanIt stands for “Women Crush Wednesday” and it is very famous nowadays. It is used to salute the women who are changing the world and demanding stereotypes norm. It is a hashtag, one that’s been used to celebrate life coaches, vloggers, activists, celebrities, etc.

So, What Does It Really Mean?

About 10 years ago, this acronym had a totally different cause. it stood for “World Championship Wrestling,” one of the prominent companies in the sports category. But the pro-Wrestling Company turned over in 2001, it was then acquired by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

This term is opted by the women since then and also by those who have a crush on WWE. Just like Mondays for men on Man Crush Monday, or MCM, social media considers a mini-holiday on Wednesday.

Every week users o Instagram and Twitter share the photos and the reasons why they really admire their job and accomplishments, then they close their posts with #WCW to show them that Women Crush Wednesday.

People also like to upload posts about their crushes. They are often seen complimenting their stunning looks and sharing their dreams that one day they may be lucky enough to say an actual hello to their crush.

What Does It Really MeanYou can also find people who use this acronym with the hashtag as an excuse for sharing too many posts or photos like selfies with their girlfriend. So we have learned that this can also be used as an apology hashtag on social media.

The world is full of thousands of hard-working women to make both ends meet so they deserve recognition. There are a few badass women to follow on social media who are crushing it on Wednesdays and quite frankly, in life. Among some popular slang words, there is IIRC that stands for “If I really correctly” or “If I remember correctly”.

Actually, it is a very famous acronym that means “Women Crush Wednesday”. It began on Twitter as the easiest way to tag posts about women that people like or people find attractive. Later it was spread on other social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Depending on the context, the meaning of #WCW varies of course. For Example, some people use this acronym as an abbreviation for the most popular “World Championship Wrestling,” “Wonderful Crush Wednesday.”

It also has a singular version of the same tag and that is “Woman Crush Wednesday”. WCW is an offset of MCM which means “Man Crush Monday”. It can also be called “Men Crush Monday.”

As it is too short, most users write only the tag #WCW on Twitter because it allows only 280 characters per post. Whereas other users can use full tag #WomenCrushWednesday, as there is no restriction on the rest of the social media websites.

Some people often tweak the tag and use the word “Woman” instead of “Women”, so you can find a lot of posts with this tag. But no need to worry as both have the same meanings and it doesn’t matter as much.

How To Use The WCW Hashtag

According to the trend, people post WCW posts on Wednesday, which is the exact meaning of the second W in the tag. Just tag the picture with the relevant hashtag like #WCW or #WomanCrushWednesday.

This acronym has become a cultural honor that anyone can give to anyone and the text used in these posts contain verbs linked with the honor and awards, like “deserves,” “goes out to” or has won #WCW.

How To Use The WCW HashtagThis acronym is used in a variety of popular ways and for multiple purposes. These purposes include:

  • Boyfriends upload the photos of their girlfriends and tag them with this acronym.
  • Males also use it to upload pictures of women on whom they have a crush. It doesn’t matter if they are dating them or not if they just like the women they will post about it.
  • Women use it in high amount. Girls also upload a picture of their best friends to show their bond, respect, and admiration.
  • Everyone uses it to give shout out or hat tip to people think are awesome and deserve respect. 
  • Many people use it to upload photos of models, celebrities and other famous women, especially those whom they consider attractive. This acronym tag has a big influence on beauty in general and sexy photos. 

Some people also upload photos that don’t even have women in it. These may include cartoons, abstract images, objects and all sorts of imagery designed to relate women in one way or the other. 

Also, many times the tag is used in a way that is considered humorous or funny. For example, a person uploaded the photo of dollar bills on Twitter and captioned it with “She’s always been there for me, #WCW.”

BFF is a Slang word which is you might hear or face on social media and is an abbreviation of “Best Friend Forever“, which means the closest friend to someone.

What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat?

On Snapchat or Twitter, this acronym means “Women Crush Wednesday” or “World Championship Wrestling.” When used on social media apps such as Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter it means either of the one meaning. 

It is basically seen in the form of #WCW that means with the Hashtag mostly on Twitter. It is typically used to attract Women on posts from all around the world. It is not only used by Women but also by Men and Children and youngsters. 

What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat“Women Crush Wednesday” is the most famous definition for WCW on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook. Here is some detail about the WCW:


Here is an example of WCW being used in a conversation:

John: The winner of WCW’s award is my beautiful wife Sarah!

Sarah: yeah, you are still not going to the football this weekend.

An Academic Look At WCW

This abbreviation is used as a noun. It can also be used as an adjective. For Example:

  • It’s WCW. (Noun)
  • The proud winner of WCW award is my Mom! (Adjective)

You can click here to visit a list of common slang words, acronyms, and abbreviations at Internet Slang.

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