What Is Attitude? It refers to the positive or negative behavior towards any object, thing or place. It is your way of liking or disliking anything that can directly affect your behavior. The tendency, feeling, and thoughts of people combine to form a system that is called attitude.

Attitude is also developed with the development of thoughts, feelings, cognition and action tendencies of a person. Social actions and communication are also directed by the attitude of a person.

What Is Attitude? Discuss It’s Formation

Here at TryArticles, I have discussed the formation of attitude during different fields and experiences.

Formation Of Attitude From Psychological Point Of View

It is the tendency of people to respond the specific things or objects in the society in a favorable or unfavorable way.  People can show a positive or negative attitude towards anything according to their thoughts and feelings.

Attitude also generalizes and predicts the social behavior of a person. It reflects and summarizes the effects of social class, peers, media, family, and culture on the experience of an individual in society. Read this article till the end to know about the formation of attitude.


Socialization refers to the process in which an individual can fully understand the social environment and adapt it for a useful purpose. He can also become a useful member of society and utilizes his abilities. The thoughts and feelings of a person triggered by the beliefs of the people around him.Socialization

These people include his parents, siblings, teachers, neighbors, and friends. All these factors play an important role to build the attitude of a person. In the process of socialization, the stance of people can form in the following two ways.

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The classical and instrumental conditioning can play an important role in the learning of individuals. He can learn from positive or negative reinforcement under pleasant or unpleasant feelings.

Reinforcement is necessary for both types of conditioning. If a child does not follow the stance of his father, the father can use reinforcement. Gradually, he adapts his father’s attitude.


Modeling refers to the process in which an individual learns from observation and imitation. He can learn consciously or unconsciously from the people who are considered superior to him. The habits, actions, behavior, and thoughts of parents can also affect their child.

Children mostly adopt the behavior and actions of their parents or teachers. Socialization occupies a key role in the formation of attitude and mass media also plays an important role in modeling. A TV and the internet can build a stance of a person in a positive or negative way.

Personal Experiences

Personal experiences can give better lessons to people. These positive or negative lessons play an important role in the formation of attitude. Sometimes negative experiences produce a positive point of view in people. They can generalize everything from their personal experiences.Personal Experiences

This generalization makes a social cognition of a person in the formation of attitude. The positivism or negativity of an individual depends on his personal experiences of life. The negative experience can create disruptive behavior that causes depression, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder in people.

Involve yourself in the positive things for the development of psychological well being. Following are the three components of attitude that involve in its formation.

  • Cognitive
  • Emotional
  • Behavioral

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Personal Interest

Answer of What Is Attitude? is also that as Attitude is based on personal interest and personal interests refers to curiosity and efforts of individuals. Many people can show a positive attitude toward art, painting, singing or games due to their intrinsic motivation. Others may show a negative attitude toward games because of their interest in professional things.Personal Interest

Personal interest relates to a cognitive component of attitude which explains the beliefs of individuals. Feeling component of attitude is also related to personal interest.

Outer reward and motivation can decrease the personal interest of some people because they are motivated intrinsically. This interrelated component of attitude affects the thoughts of people.

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Need Satisfaction

The people shape and construct their attitude toward satisfying needs. They may adapt favorable attitudes towards a person, event or different things that help in need satisfaction. Attitude can prove to be complex due to many functions.Need Satisfaction

Group acceptance and social approval are also necessary for adapting specific attitudes. Parent’s attitude is also greatly affecting the attitude of the children. Psychological rewards or punishments may result when individual hold different attitudes.

Solution Of Problems

Attitude is also formed when you search for different things. Searching experience can change the attitude of a person. Stable attitude helps in solving problems that are related to different fields of life. Personal information also helps in the formation of attitude.Solution Of Problems

It shapes the behavior of an individual according to the specific conditions.  During different experiments, people discover many new ideas and options that shape their stance.

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Group Affiliation

The attitude of the individual is also influenced by the group. Affiliation of the group performs an important role in the formation of attitude.

An individual adopts the beliefs and thoughts of his group. The members of the group often show the same stance and behavior because they have the same variety of knowledge and information.Group Affiliation

Group standard determines the right and wrong things. The individuals of one group discuss the same events, problems, and information. They might show unity in different perspectives. The attitudes are different from one another in a systematic structure.

Actions of a person also show his group’s reflection and thinking. The stance of a group reflects the personality of its individuals.

Isolated Events

An isolated event is also developed as a positive or negative stance in individuals. These bitter and serious events are affecting the mental health of people. For example, a bomb blast in the city is producing a feeling of fear in the population. They can generalize the country as insecure.Isolated Events

The sudden death of a loved one or trauma situations can also produce harsh and hurting attitudes. Some people perceive everyone as dual if they experience a betray from their friends or life partner. It performs the following functions.

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  • The Adjustment Function.
  • The Ego-Defensive Function.
  • The Value-Expressive Function.
  • The Knowledge Function.

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