What Is Meant By Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to understand and describe the feelings of others. If you can understand the pain and emotions of others it means your emotional intelligence is high. Emotionally intelligent people also control their own emotions.WHAT IS MEANT BY EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE-

Here at TryArticles, I have discussed the qualities of emotionally intelligent people.

Characteristics Of An Emotional Intelligent Person

Many people can not understand the meaning of emotional intelligence and they prefer to IQ. Emotional intelligence is more important than IQ because it plays a very important role in the success of a person. It’s also important to read the people signals and their reaction in any profession.

Emotional intelligent people also give value to emotions instead of IQ because they can understand the importance of emotions. Learn about emotional intelligence and try to develop it in yourself. Following are the best qualities of an emotionally intelligent person.

Control Of Emotions

Emotional control is very important to manage your relationships. Give value to emotions instead of living a boring life like bromides. Nowadays the big challenge is that everyone can face is the control of unwanted emotions. Unwanted emotions can destroy your life because these emotions can force you toward bad things and negative thoughts. These emotions can also hurt the people.

Emotional intelligent people can successfully control their emotions, therefore, they live a relaxed life. Negative emotions can make you paranoid and also can force you to do silly things in life with people. Be prepare yourself for any tough situation because it can help you to stay away from negative emotions. Avoid the circumstances that can cause unwanted emotions in you.

Control Of Emotions

Give smile to yourself and others because it can increase the positive thinking in you. Good and positive attitude can help you to make yourself strong. It can also make your good image in other people’s mind. Here are following tips that can help you to control your emotions.

  • Avoid negative thoughts.
  • Don’t think about bad people and memories.
  • Don’t react immediately.
  • Control your aggression.
  • Keep yourself positive about every person.

Empathy For Others

Empathetic people can reach to the hearts of others because they can show their love and care for others. Empathy is the best quality of emotionally intelligent people. It can help the people and make them happy. If you can keep the people happy then definitely you will live a happy life. If you want to become emotionally intelligent person then develop an empathetic relationship with others.

show empathy

Ability To Describe Feeling Of Others

Emotional intelligent people also have an ability to describe and understand the feelings of others. They do not take it easy when someone suffers from anxiety and depression. Emotional intelligent people also care for others and try to make the people happy.

Ability To Describe Feeling Of Others

They help others in critical situations. They can identify the emotions of others because they have confidence. Some people care for others but they can leave them in depression and anxiety because of their own emotional weakness while emotional intelligent people can control their emotions and feelings and guide the depressed alone people best. They can motivate them towards a happy life.

Interpersonal Relationships

An emotionally intelligent person can also balance their interpersonal relationships. It is a close association between two people or more than one person in daily life including business, love, friendships or social commitments. The interpersonal relationship also includes self-growth, self-regulation and best relationships with friends and family.

Interpersonal Relationships

Emotional intelligent people can develop best and good relationships with good people. They also identify their own relationship needs and values. They remain positive and appreciate others. They manage their boundaries and avoid gossips with others.

Positive interpersonal communication can help you to develop your career and it can also make you a successful person. Interpersonal communication is a skill that is used by emotional intelligent people. It includes following things.

  • Negotiation with others.
  • Verbal communication.
  • Decision-making ability.
  • Non-verbal communication.
  • Assertiveness.
  • Social skills.

Self Regulation

Self-regulation is most important to be an emotionally intelligent person. If you do not balance yourself wondering how it is possible that you can help others to balance their emotions? then you are not intelligent emotionally. Emotional intelligent people can balance their feelings and emotions.

self regulation

They do not show their anger and aggression to others and they can maintain their self. It is a best ability to monitor and control your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Emotional intelligent people can alternate themselves according to the demands of different situations.

Self-Regulation Theory (SRT) is referred to manage the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of own self and ability to guide own self and others. Self-regulation is a skill to cheer up yourself when you are down.


Truthfulness is also the best quality of emotionally intelligent people. Fake people cannot attain success in their life. They remain depressed and bad. Human psychology forces the truth. And from religious perspective truth has very importance in any religion because it can prevent you from metal destruction.


Truth also inhibits you to betray anyone and to destroy the psychological well being of people. We can say that truth is the connection between feelings and attitude. Truth is directly related to the feelings. Truth helps you to know about conscious experiences. The deepest thing about truth is that people can feel it. Truth does not hurt anyone. In fact, it is very important to live a happier life.

Management Of Emotions

Management of emotions is very necessary because it helps to build the best personality. Emotional intelligent people can manage their own emotions and they do not depend on others. People can suffer from anxiety, major depression, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other psychological issues because they fail to manage their emotions.

Management Of Emotions

Management of emotions can be very important to balance relationships with your family, friends or life partner. And if you want to become an emotionally intelligent person then balance your emotions and control your anger and aggression. People get many psychological issues that affect their physical health because they do not manage their emotions properly.

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