What Is Positive Psychology? How It Relates With Psychological Well Being?

Positive psychology can be defined as the scientific study of human virtues, positive thinking and flourish that how can a person perform best in the communities. It is the new branch of psychology that many people are joining day by day.

A positive psychology studies the personal growth and development of the people. It also studies the good deeds and optimistic behavior of a person. This branch of psychology interestingly relates to our psychological well being.What Is Positive Psychology? And How It Relates With Psychological Well Being

Here at TryArticles, I have discussed the points that can describe the relation of positive psychology with your psychological well being and mental health.

Relation Of Positive Psychology With Psychological Well Being

Positive psychology has three pillars that include the positive experiences of people, positive individual traits, and positive institutions. It relates to psychological well being because it studies the positive things that directly relate to psychological well being of a person.

In recent researches, positive psychology discovers the best method to live happily and relax. It ensures that people are living meaningful and fulfilled life. It is the study of things that make life more worth living. It is concerned with the word “eudaimonia” which means a good life.

In 1998, positive psychology started a new domain of psychology when Martin Seligman chooses it in American Psychological Association. It studies the positive human development. Many institutions of positive psychology are present which taught to make the one’s life best and valuable.

Personal Growth

Personal growth refers to the activities that can help to improve identity and awareness of own self. It develops potential and talent in a human being. Humanistic perspective forces on personal growth. Personal growth is very important because it helps to achieve success and positivity.Personal Growth

It develops your best personality and increases life satisfaction. Personal growth directed your behavior towards life goals. Some examples of personal growth are following.

  • Empathy.
  • Confidence.
  • Listening ability.
  • Decision-making power.
  • More proactive.
  • Master in the art of conflict resolution and problem-solving.
  • Forget the past.

Self Acceptance

According to Shepard (1979) self-acceptance refers to the satisfaction of a person towards himself. And it is necessary to spend a happy life. Self-acceptance is the main goal of positive psychology. Accept yourself that who you are and don’t blame yourself for any mistake or error you made.Self Acceptance

Self-acceptance includes the acceptance of your talent as well as weaknesses. If you cannot accept your weaknesses than how can you change your life towards success? People who do not accept themselves become depressed and can suffer from many disorders and mental illness.

Positive Relationships

Positive relationships are very important to maintain a healthy life. Negative relations can inhibit your success in life. It creates a negative feeling and a sense of anxiety in your mind whereas, positive psychology focuses on positive relationships with others.

It increases your mental health because it gives you great joy and pleasure. Try to make positive relationships with your family, friends or any person you like.Positive Relationships

Life Satisfaction

Life satisfaction is very important in positive psychology. When you are satisfied with your life than you may have reduced chances of psychological issues and mental illness. It can enhance your positive relationships and social life.Life Satisfaction

Understanding The Feelings And Emotions Of Others

Understanding the feelings and emotions of others and own self refers to emotional intelligence. Positive psychology also studies the emotional intelligence and behavior of people towards life. Its main goal is psychological well being and good life.Understanding The Feelings And Emotions Of Others

Many divisions of positive psychology are working. It also tells the benefits of psychological well being. To understand the problems and feeling of other creates the empathic behavior in people.The benefits of psychological well being are following.

  • Better performance at working.
  • Satisfy relationships with others.
  • Cooperation.
  • Stronger immune system.
  • Better physical health.
  • Long life.
  • Reduce cardiovascular mortality.
  • Fewer sleep issues.
  • Self-control.
  • Less depression and anxiety.
  • Lower levels of burnout.

The PERMA Model: Scientific Theory Of Happiness

Everyone needs happiness nowadays due to hectic and busy life that is full of depression and anxiety. There are many types of research for happiness that tell you the best methods to lead a normal and happy life. These methods can train your mind.The PERMA Model Scientific Theory Of Happiness

PERMA is also called the theory of well being. Everyone wants happiness but fails to promote it. Some elements are included in the happiness. Martin Seligman’s theory of happiness describes these elements in the best way. Following are the elements which can help us to spend a happy and fulfill life.

  • P-Positive emotions: Positive emotions refer to the good feelings. It relates to optimistic thinking towards other and own self.
  • E-Engagement: It relates to the experience in which people fully develop their skills and talents. It also includes “flow” in which people are willing to do any task by own self.
  • R-Relationships: Relationships also help in psychological well being because it introduces you to joy, pride, laughter, feeling of belonging and meaning of life. Connection with others can teach you best lessons for life and give you complete meanings of it.
  • MMeaning: Meaning refers to something bigger than the self that includes the meaning of religion, politics, justice, community, social causes, science and work organizations.
  • AAccomplishment: It refers to achievement, success, and competence. It is the accomplishment of ideas and skills in the practical fields.

Positive Emotions

Positive psychology studies the positive emotions among people. It also teaches to maintain the best relationships with your family, friends or life partner. Happiness is directly related to positive emotions and it leads to a relaxed life.Positive Emotions

Positive emotions refer to the feeling of lack of negativity and bad thoughts. Therefore no pain or discomfort exist in people with positive emotions. Robert Plutchik’s theory describes eight type of emotions. These are following.

  • Fear.
  • Anger.
  • Sadness.
  • Joy.
  • Trust.
  • Disgust.
  • Surprise.
  • Anticipation.

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