It is definitely not an easy thing to determine that which is the largest planet discovered until now as the technology made by the humans has not discovered the whole universe yet. In fact, there is a saying that 99% of the universe is still said to be undiscovered by the mankind. The whole universe is very vast and even the top scientists of the world can’t say anything about it.

What Is The Largest Planet Discovered

So, Tryarticles will reveal the largest planet.

The Largest Planet That Has Been Discovered

In Nov 2012, there was an exploration and a gaggle of researchers in Hawaii discovered “Super-Jupiter” that is the largest planet that had been discovered. It’s situated outside the scheme, it’s a hundred and seventy light-years far from the Earth and is thirteen times larger than Jupiter, that is the largest planet in our scheme currently.


It was 1st named as “Kappa Andromedae B” however it’s additionally called “Super-Jupiter”. It’s a mean temperature of 400 degrees centigrade and therefore the planet that orbits around it is younger than the Sun, being thirty million years previous.

However, consultants don’t seem to be entirely positive if it’s a planet or not.

The Second Largest Planet

In October 2013, another planet was discovered and earned an area as the second largest planet in the universe. This planet has the scientific name MOA-2011-BLG-322. It’s eight times larger than Jupiter and a couple of 2500 times larger than planet Earth.

Image of MOA-2011-BLG-322

This extra-solar planet is regarding twenty-five thousand light-years away and it’s very heavy.

The Largest Planet In The Solar System

In our scheme, the biggest planet is “Jupiter”. This planet is 1400 times larger than the other planets. Additionally, it’s thirteen times larger than the rest of the planets of the system.

Jupiter is build up of  Hydrogen(H) gas and its temperature will drop to one hundred twenty degrees below zero. This planet is far quicker than ours because it solely takes nine hours and fifty minutes to orbit the Sun.

The Largest Planet Discovered in 2016

In 2016, National Aeronautics and Space Administration discovered the biggest planet around a two-star system. The name is Kepler-1647, it can’t be simply seen by the naked eyes because it is 3,700 light-years away. Equally to Jupiter, Kepler-1647 could be a massive superior planet.


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