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What Shoes Go With An Electric Blue Dress?

First up, an electric blue dress is a beautiful choice! It tends to compliment any skin tone and the color itself gives off a very regal and royal look. This color can be worn on official meetings, family events or just a plain hang out with your friends. There really shouldn’t be any restriction for wearing a certain color, to begin with.

However, deciding how to pair a blue dress seems a cumbersome task. But, that’s what this Try Articles article is for. To help you couple some nice shoes with that lovely electric blue dress.

Shoes To Wear With Electric Blue Dress

Shoes mean serious business for women! If you’re a woman reading this, you would definitely agree! You know how the infamous saying goes, “good shoes take you to good places.” Well, we are aiming to take you to awesome places by pairing your blue outfit with some amazing color combinations of footwear.

Let’s explore our foot gear options, shall we?


Blue Dress With Black Shoes

You can never go wrong with black when it comes to styling. This color universally supports any outfit. A nice pair of stilettos would look great. The strong contrast between the electric blue and black comes off appealing to the eyes. This combination photographs beautifully and is sure to get the attention at any crowded event. Bonus points if the sole is a red bottom! Ha!


This option would suit best for going to a party. The silver sandals would oomph up the outfit making the entire look fancy. Silver adds that sparkle to an otherwise bland mono-color dress. Choose dull silver tones to complement the depth in the electric blue dress.


Also, silver and greys tend to overlap in their hues and there’s an array of greys and silvers to choose from. But, be wise and choose a dull one. A mercury shade would suit well. Any light gray tones with a touch of sparkle would do the trick just the same.


Ah! The king of all things beautiful! But, take heed this may not be the classiest choice when it comes to pairing it with an electric blue dress. You will have to be very careful to choose the right tone of gold. We have dull gold, yellow gold, rose gold, bronze gold and so many others in the category.

Blue Dress With Golden Shoes

It’s fashionably correct to choose a tone that does not overpower the dress. We want something very subtle, so probably the lightest gold tone is your best bet.  A pair of nice subtle dusty gold heels! If you don’t find that, avoid gold all in all. There are still other options to choose from.


Blue Dress Nude Shoes

The most comfortable color to pull off especially in shoes is, nude. Yet, again the color range is vast. there is cream nude, pink nude, brown nude. All of these, though have a dim appearance, but that’s what we’re aiming for when we wear these. We want our outfit to stand out more, so we tone down what we adorn on our feet. this keeps the focus solely on the dress.


Sounds odd? Well yes, we don’t recommend just any brown with that electric blue dress. You particularly need a cool-toned brown. Anything other than that is a no-no!

Blue Dress Brown Shoes

A cool toned brown falls towards the dirty kind of brown. As if you added a bit of grey to a usual brown color. This color combination is not a usual one, but it sure is a very strikingly appealing one. You’re sure to turn heads with this one!


Why of course matching your shoes to your outfit is the quickest way to complete your outfit and it doesn’t require much effort either. Also, when you match your shoes to your dress, you look well put together.  Short dresses with the matching approach look best. If you’re wearing a maxi dress, then you’ll need a different color to stand out. So, don’t go with blue for this one.

Blue Dress Blue Shoes

Dressing Up Or Dressing Down?

If you’re dressing up, meaning your headed somewhere fancy and want to make an impression. Then most definitely you could style your shoes in a fancy manner. Go for heels, stilettos, sandals or gladiators. Open shoes, criss-cross or peep toes. There’re plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re dressing down, meaning you are aiming for a casual or a semi-casual look. Then you could go with white vans or normal kicks. With this one, the key is to feel at ease and comfort. If there’s a lot of walking involved then do your self a favor and bring out your inner sneakerhead (everyone is one) and choose a comfortable pair.

Blue Dresses

We have our fingers crossed that this article must have gotten you out of your jeopardy and your problem for pairing the right shoes with a blue dress is solved.

Let us know in the comments below if this article was of any aid to you. We would be super delighted to hear back!

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