Transitioning from Winters, Summers really is a breath of fresh air. For us and for the clothes we wear. It’s finally time to bring out those breezy dresses and floral prints. And when it comes to the type of shoes, there’s a sea of options. It could be sandals with one and stilettoes with another. Some dresses would look better with boots, and some would look better with ballet shoes.

It also depends on what outlook you’re going for. Fancy, boho or any other kind. It’s basically endless. But, still, a particular dress would look better with stilettos on rather than sandals. That’s exactly what this Try Articles guide is about! We’ve given a run-down to all the wearables to help you dress up appropriately to the occasion.Types of shoes to wear with summer dressesLet’s first consider the dress we have on. Is it short or long? Classy or trendy? Partywear or casual? Once you’ve correctly identified the type of dress, you can now easily decide the shoes. Often you’ll find yourself, doing a trial and error in front of the mirror.  The mirror should be of full-length of course to get that full outlook. That helps a lot in deciding what to wear.

Hopping onto the various shoe types, you’ll find yourself having a ton of options. Having too many options is both, a blessing and a curse. Especially if you’re an indecisive person, too many options at hand can give you a tough time.

You still can’t have enough shoes. You know how they say, “Life’s short, buy the shoes!”

Let’s take a look at the shoe-vault, shall we?

Flat Sandals

Flat Sandals For Summer Dresses

These usually fall into the casual category unless embellished with pearls or rhinestones. The thing with flat sandals is they help you dress-up or dress-down. If for instance you have a dinner at the beach and you want to be fancy and feel comfortable. Flat sandals with embellishments or shiny straps are your best pick.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiators For Summer Outfits

Inspired by the historic Romans, these shoes never fail to make a statement. The criss-cross pattern makes them very eye catching, of not comfortable.  They come with further options. There are some straps that are knee-high and some that are up to the ankle. The straps are supposed to be tied together to secure them onto you. These sandals give off a very strong vibe about the person wearing them. A good choice for midi dress in summers.

Flip Flops

Best footwear for summers and the beach

Probably have had a million pairs of these. They’re just so comfortable! A casual hangout at the beach calls for these. The sand washes off of these pretty easily, so no hassle of them getting dirty. Usually made out of rubber, foam or plastic. out of which the rubber ones tend to be what most girls go for. A long summer maxi dress paired with flip flops is a perfect summer outfit. Hitting the gym for swimming in the summers also calls for flip flops!

Summer Sneakers

Of course not the type you’d want to run the Olympics in! We’re talking about the lightweight ones. If you’re going for a sporty girl look under that jumper dress, these are it for you. They’re great for an outdoorsy occasion with friends. Or if you’re a tourist on foot, in a hot place, these summer sneakers won’t let you down!


Espadrilles comfortable for summers

Sound like a bird, don’t they? Haha! And no, they’re not even inspired by birds either. Espadrilles are casual, flat and sometimes have a higher platform heel. As quoted by ASOS, “They’re known as the humble slip-on shoe with the woven sole.” Being made from fabric, mostly cotton,has added to their fame. Some come with a bit of embroidery on them, others have glitter tops. The variety of their styles makes them hot for every season.

You can pair these with mainly short summer dresses. They look best when paired with knee-high dresses, and halter tops. It’s best to avoid these with maxi dresses as it totally steals the casual jumpy look they intend to make.

High Heel Sandals

Hands down, the most favorite shoe to ever exist for all women! Also known as stilettos, these shoes will fancy up anything you wear! A long summer dress,

PlatformsThick sole shoes

The heftiest looking shoes in all of the shoes we’ve shed light on so far. If you want to step up your outfit’s game, these are it! They’ll take the entire look from 0 to 100! They have chunky wedges, giving you a proper increase in height.  Their thick sole is usually in the range of  1 to 4 inches or 3 to 10 centimeters. They come in various types. Like with a thick sole under sneakers, heels or sandals. You could wear these in type: heels if you’re going to an event that doesn’t require too much walking. And you could choose to wear the ones that come in the type: sneakers if you’re only running errands, but still want to look nice.

That’s not even page one to the book of shoes for girls! Haha, there are a lot more types in the shoe family. We picked the most suitable ones to wear under a nice summer dress.

Try these under your summer dresses and rock your outfits!

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