Worried About What Should I do With My Life? Make Your Life Goal Clear in 10 Steps

If there is something scratching at you, urging to want more or to do more, then you are at the verge of losing control over your life. You must manage your life in a way that you get everything under control.


If you are tired, lost or frustrated and seriously thinking about What Should I Do With My Life, you know you are not living your life to the fullest, then you just need to follow the basic rules of life to get through your life.

That feeling when you really don’t know what to do life is very much depressing and frustrating. In fact, some people at this stage, to say that “dissatisfaction” is my middle name. If you are struggling with most of your life then figure it out what is disturbing you the most.

Step By Step Guide For Understanding What Should You Do With Your Life

Follow this step by step guide to understand what should you do with your life:

Step 1: Figure Out Your Lifestyle

First of all, you need to figure out what lifestyle you want? Or what are your wishes and desires? How do you want to spend your life? For how much time do you want to work? How much money do want to make? Are you interested in self-employment or to be employed?

What should i do

What kind of environment do you want to spend your time in? What kind of people do you want to be around? Where do you want to be? in which country or state you wish to be? What do like to do in your free time? What are your fun activities? How do you want your personal growth to be? What do you want to do for a healthy living?

Once you have the idea about it then move to the next step!

Step 2: Get Clear On Your Values Of Life

The most vital thing in your life is your values. What you love to do in your life is more important than what you really do. For instance, values may include connection, vibrancy, freedom and new experiences.

You choose to define your values by your choice. The perfect way to do this is to think about those days in your life where each and everything was going awesome. Write down your experience and what you loved about it.

Get Clear On Your Values Of Life

After then ask yourself what values are in there? For instance, if the experience is about hiking by yourself in Thailand, then some values can be travel, freedom, independence, and adventure.

If you are really stuck on figuring out your values, then you can get help from reviewing the list of Max Neef of 9 fundamental human needs. Once you have listed your values, rank them in order of preference.

Step 3: Get To Know Your Strengths

Your strengths include the abilities which you are naturally good at. You may have no idea about your strengths because it always comes easily to you and you may consider that it comes easily to everyone else also.

Get To Know Your Strengths

When someone is using their strengths they are most of the times enjoying doing whatever they want to do. A job that uses the strengths must be non-negotiable in our lives. We must focus on our strengths and should adopt positive behavior or Positive Psychology.

Step 4: Determine Your Skills In Your Life

Figure out your skills. They must be completely different from your strengths because one is never born with skills but you learn them with time. On the other hand, strength is something that is hidden inside of you and you have them already.

Now you will make 3 lists of your skills. First one will be of your soft skills i.e. less tangible skills which include leadership, adaptability or communication. The second list will be of your hard skills i.e. SalesForce, Project Management or Google Analytics, etc.

Determine Your Skills In Your Life

Then the third list of desired skills which include both soft and hard skills. Go th0rough every past job that you have had, volunteer positions projects that you have worked on and extracurricular experience. Write down the skills that you gained while performing these tasks.

Step 5: Identify Your Problems, Opportunities, And Challenges

Think about all the problems that you face when you the world around you. Think of all the opportunities that you can avail. Focus on the challenges around you, they may be in the form of a person or any other materialistic thing. Consider it your target. 

Think about the blogs that you have subscribed to, documentaries that you watch, newspaper articles, books or magazines that you read, videos you watch, topics that you love to talk about, focus on the themes that you are drawn to.

Identify Your Problems, Opportunities And Challenges

Once you list down all the topics or themes you can go through each one and ask about the problems that are within that area. For instance, let’s say in the first part of this exercise you will find those things that are related to food, nutrition, health, food security, diet, and wellness.

These all may be the topics of your interest. When it comes to health, you identify some problems like low energy, depression, anxiety, obesity, and diabetes.

Step 6: Mush Everything Together

Now you can mush everything together and have some tangible ideas for what you should do with your life. If you choose to go for employment then look at the list of all organizations that you have made during your research.

What Should I Do With my life

Identify your challenges for those organizations to which could contribute your skills that meet your skills and strengths. For instance, if you have gathered some health food stores and you really have strong analytical skills then you can be a market researcher at the food store.

Look at all the problems or opportunities that you have identified and consider what steps you can take to make your way out from the problems and take on all the opportunities using your skills, values, and strength.

Step 7: Talk To People About Life

You would be surprised by how much you can understand from just listening to what other people say. Yes, sometimes you may not learn much more than how bad traffic was backed up during the rush hours.

Talk To People About Life

But some times, if you listen you will get a clear vision into people’s motivations, dreams, ambitions, and hopes. When you piece all of it together, you may learn how others got there where they are now and if you also want to be on the same path. You should also learn the tips to clarify sentimental doubts of your life to make a better decision.

Step 8: Get Inspired From People’s Life

No matter what you do, you will definitely want to be successful at it. So what is the better way to get started by learning how people got to reach their goals? Just know that what you see in other people is not something that they were born with.

Get Inspired From People's Life

Those people were not born knowing their goals, they set them afterward. Get more inspiration from people whom you love or are friends with you because mostly a person gets attracted by his company or loved ones.

Step 9: Prepare For A Long Journey

One huge misconception about figuring out what you want to do with your life is that you will have a sudden, magical moment of extreme clarity and then have your entire life planned.

Prepare For A Long Journey To Change Life

Actually, lives keep on shifting continuously so you will need to reconsider and regroup your journey as long as you go. So instead of being astonished when you have to make a new decision, preplan them and be excited for little things in your life.

Step 10: Leave Your Comfort Zone

Maybe you don’t know what you want from your life because you have not tried to get out of your comfort zone. You may also not know whether you are right or wrong about your life decisions until you get out and start practicing life.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Seriously it is not easy to leave out your comfort zone but still, it is easy to change your lifestyle slowly and gradually. By taking a step outside you get to know about a lot of things and you can get an idea of your likings and dislikings.

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