When you talk about ideas, Ideas strike in your mind randomly some of them are very dull or boring and you know that as soon as you think about it but sometimes you come up with very good ideas, the idea that inspires you, that you want to want to work on. It may be a very simple idea that how to make coffee without using a beater or how to make pizza really quick, but only thinking about an idea is not all.What to do if you have an Invention

If you want to see your invention known by the people worldwide, you have to take necessary steps to make it done. In this article, we would tell you what to do if you have an invention.

Document Your Idea

Thinking only about the idea is not good enough, It will not make people and the market believe that you have made an invention. In order to make it sure and have a proof, you need to write some basic theory about your invention. Documenting is the first step in patenting your idea. Write your idea in a journal. It could be any bound notebook on which you make sure that it cant be rewritten or removed. This will make your idea of an invention secure.

Documenting idea
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You have to do a lot of research on your idea keeping in mind the legal and business standpoint. At first do thorough research on different websites that whether the idea you came up with had been patented by someone before or not. After complete satisfaction, you don’t need to start working on your invention immediately, first take some time and search about its market that whether there is the demand for your product or not and if luckily you got it all done you have to make sure that its price is affordable by researching about its cost of manufacture and distribution.

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Now you have to make a prototype i.e. that you have to make your paperwork, that could be your journal in a model so that you can demonstrate your invention, the idea to all the people, different companies or maybe in market whatever is your demand. Always remember that before or after making the prototype you should not patent your file immediately maybe you have or need to do some changes in the original idea.


File A Patent

After having a working model i.e. your prototype, you can now file a patent. Mainly there is two type of patent.

  • Utility Patents (For new processes or machines)
  • Design Patents (For manufacturing designs: New/Old)

Instead of filing the patent yourself, it is better to use the assistance of a patent agent so that no one can infringe on it.

Marketing The Invention

Now the final step you have to do is introducing your invention in a market. Create a perfect business plan suitable for you and decide whether you yourself will market and sell the product or you will hire a team for that. You can also market your product by using different social applications.


These were the basic steps on what to do if you have an invention. For further similar articles kindly browse in leisure category.