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What To Wear Hiking In Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a small but a beautiful country to visit and has recently become a travel destination for those who are seeking wonders of nature.

Costa Rica is one of the amazing places to visit if you are nature lovers. Its a best travel destination with many parks, forests, flora, and fauna. There is no surprise that Nature lovers visit it to experience the wildlife and landscapes through different hikes and treks.

What To Wear Hiking In Costa Rica

Hikes are the best way to experience what the country is offering but with great humidity and unpredictable weather its necessary to know which clothes are best to wear during a visit to Costa Rica.

You must be sure that by those clothes you are protected and comfortable too.By following certain steps it would be easier for you to know that what are the best places for hiking in Costa Rica.

Step No 1

Costa Rica has a tropical climate, and with this type of climate, there are many chances for you to experience wet and dry weather. The wet season in Costa Rica is usually between May and November. If you are planning to hike this place in the wet season its recommended to you that take a waterproof pair of boots for hiking.

This will ensure that if the rest of you ends up a little damp then your feet will remain dry. If you don’t like your feet to get wet then it’s necessary in the wet season to wear waterproof boots because nothing is worse than trudging in soggy shoes no matter how beautiful the scenery is.

You can enjoy the scenery if you are uncomfortable, not only the scenery but all the things you have planned to do during your hike.

Remember to pack a good pair of socks to ensure that you are protected against blisters. The choice of your shoes can make or break the hiking trip to Costa Rica.

Nothing is  more worse than hiking a forest and breaking your toe by wearing flip-flops. These are the worst kind of shoes to wear during the hike in Costa Rica. Hiking with wet socks and snickers in a humid jungle only for 5 miles is even worse. So to fully enjoy the trip it’s important to wear correct pair of shoes.


The dry season is between the end of November to April In this season you will encounter some rain and the season is little wet. A decent pair of hiking sandals will prevent bug bites or general lace-up walking shoes are perfect.

The shoes should be that in which you feel comfortable, a decent pair of hiking sandals which are closed from toe will help to prevent bug bites or to be bitten from any other insect. If you are unsure when to travel than you must get prepared once your tickets are booked.

Step No 2

Despite the heat and humidity, long trousers are best to wear in Costa Rica. These long trousers will protect you from any insect bites, or wandering bugs which can be found in the forests. If you don’t have hiking trousers athletic style leggings can also work as they to are designed to be breathable.

If you feel too warm wearing trousers wear some comfortable shorts and apply some insect repellant just to be sure! shorts are somehow dangerous but can be used with insect repellant which will prevent you from insect bites.

long trousers

Step No 3

An athletic style shirt is good to wear during the hiking in Costa Rica. The breathable clothes will help you to stay cool and calm and of course, they are designed to cope with sweat which I’m sure you will work up trekking in this tropical country.

There is a tip for you if you are choosing to wear a short sleeved t-shirt make sure that you remember to apply suncream because even in a rainy season the sun packs a large amount of heat in Costa Rica.

Hike gear

Step No 4

Packing a lightweight waterproofer in your hiking rucksack is always a good idea. As your things will remain safe if rain comes. The weather in Costa Rica is always unpredictable and in case the rain might cool you down its good to be able to protect yourself in case of a heavier downpour.

A plastic rain poncho which is made to wear during the rain is always handy to carry. As they fold up to extremely small, cheap, and are long enough to cover your body completely and are reusable too. There is a tip for you so that your hiking trip to Costa Rica would become much easier, and you will enjoy it completely.

Pack a couple of plastic bags, so if any of your gear gets wet or muddy while you are hiking you can be able to pack it completely, to avoid dirtying rest of your rucksack.

Things Allowed To Bring During The Trip

Tourists are permitted to bring binoculars, two cameras, and electrical items that are for personal use only, like a small radio, a hairdryer, a laptop, a video camera, etc. These are things people wanted to bring to add taste to their tour.

Some people are also worried about their things that they might be stolen or something else. So it is advised not to bring most expensive things and take care of your things by yourself.


Grapefruits and extract capsules are advised to bring for stomach purposes because the country is new for you and its food may disturb your stomach so its necessary to bring that.

Metal water bottles are advised to be bought because it helps your water to remain cool if you are hiking in summers. So metal water bottles are the most important thing to pack during your trip.

Another most important thing during the hike is your own plastic cups. You should bring your own plastic cups which you can use during the hike or during your trip, because there are several diseases which can be caused by sharing your cups with other hikers so disposable cups are best to bring.

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