What To Wear On Vacation In Cuba? Pack Your Bags Correctly

Cuba is one of the most exotic destinations. It is maybe unsafe for some people due to the political issues and situation. But this island offers a lot, it welcomes more and more tourists throughout the year all eager to enjoy its colonial architecture, beaches, and distinctive tropical atmosphere.

What To Wear On Vacation In Cuba Pack Your Bags Correctly

But because of its tropical weather and location, you should know the best time to visit Cuba as well as you should know what to pack so that you should not be missing anything. While planning a trip you should be well aware of the climate of the country where you are travelling so that you can pack and keep other important things accordingly. It is the most fascinated island of the Carribean.

  • Climate

Once you make your mind to travel to this magical part of the world, the first thing you should worry about or look forward to is the climate. Cuba has a tropical weather. It has a very decent weather throughout the year with annual minimum and maximum temperatures of 12°C and 40°C, respectively. These are the extreme temperatures that occur only in specific areas at a certain amount of time.

source: http://www.froschoutdoortravel.com

  • What to Pack?

  • Clothes

Many people over-pack for Cuba or any other place to travel as they are not well aware of the climate and then there is tension about luggage weight and other things. In Spring it is almost guaranteed that all you will need are the best summer clothes you have. Some of the recommendations are.

  • Two pairs of bathing suits, as they are perfect for beach days which hopefully will be plenty of. A cover-up is also a good idea, make sure that there are not many clothes shops around Cuba where you can buy cover-ups or any other things and those that do exist are very expensive so you need to pack them with you on priority.
  • Casual clothing for sightseeing and every day. A few pairs of Bermudas, shorts, t-shirts or tank tops should do, and that goes for both men and women.
  • You might want to take something a little less casual and a little more dressy for dinner. Cuba has some beautiful restaurants, don’t worry though, a cute summer dress and sandals are perfect for women and a nice shirt or one of your better t-shirts for guys. As the nightlife in Cuba is extremely active and joyful and the clubs require a proper dress.
  • Sandals, slippers or maybe flip-flops and you may want to pack a pair of shoes more suited for walking for the dinners or maybe exploring the island. Don’t forget to pack waterproof long shoes as sometimes in Cuba there is a huge downpour though it does not stay for long, but they are heavy enough to soak you.
  • You may also want to pack a light jacket or cardigan. If you’re along the riverside, Cuba can get cooler in the evenings due to the sea breeze which is comparatively cold then the morning wind.

source: http://adworld-india.in

Due to the economic situation, maybe people ask you for some clothes, you can give away the old clothes to the poor as it is a good deed as well. But be careful as they may demand for more.
  • Essentials

  • Sunscreen obviously, don’t take the sun of Cancun too light as it can damage your skin.
  • A hat is essential to protect your self from the sun and wind.
  • Umbrellas are not particular effective.
  • A rain coat maybe very helpful.
  • Contact lenses or glasses as if you are not able to see properly then what is the point of travelling.
  • First aid kit.
  • If your shoulders are bare, make sure you cover them with a jacket or a shawl if you are visiting a religious place.

source: buffalojackson.com

  • Things To Do

If you are travelling to Cuba, do not just go for the sightseeing or viewing different places.Try to get close to their culture, listen to their music get knowledge about their religion and explore their cities and towns.

  • Make sure to spend some time at Havana, designated by UNESCO.
  • Other amazing cities worth visiting include Trinidad, Santiago, and Baracoa.
  • The main beach area in Cuba is Varadero. Divers would love the place as there are some amazing places to dive.
  • You should visit Cuba’s beautiful hotels and resorts. They are built beautifully.
  • The traditional food is Ajiaco. You must give it a try.
  • If you are staying in or near Havana do not forget to enjoy the nightlife.

source: https://sportsnetholidays.com

You must not forget to see the local salsa or jazz group playing as it is a major attraction.

If you are looking for a honeymoon place and don’t know where to go, you can definitely include Cuba in your list as Cuba is a romantic place and you can enjoy with your loved one a lot. You can cherish the beautiful night moments by going to a club or sitting beside the beach having a drink together or maybe by watching the jazz play.

jazz play
Source: www.westendmagazine.com

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