Leo is the fifth astrological zodiac sign which comes after cancer and before Virgo. The time period of Leo is 22 July to 23 August. The ruling planet of Leo is the sun.

What's A Leo Like

Leos are action-oriented, proud and the attractive people. They love to be the center of attraction that is the reason many of the Leos choose a career related to performing art. Also, these people are born leader. They always achieve what they desire.

In this article, we will describe the traits, love and professional life of Leos, so if you are interested to know more about them, read the article till the end.

Characteristics Of Leo Men In Love

Characteristics Of Leo Man In Love

It is an excellent experience to be the partner and to be the loved one of a Leo man. This is because a Leo man love to give surprises and gift, also his lover often receives flowers and precious jewels as a gift.

A Leo man loves to express his love through splendid words and this thing always make his lover feel special. But this trustworthy lover also seeks for the approval and praise from his loved one.

When he is in a relationship, he loves to show how confident, gallant and powerful he is. This is not that he feels insecure but because he thinks that it is necessary to seduce his desired subject. If you are waiting for your prince charming then you can find that prince in Leo as they possess royalty in their nature.

Leo man proves to be a very loving and caring husband. They know very well how to make his wife happy. He does not need a life partner who is unusually intelligent and cooks tasty food instead he needs a life partner who makes him realize with time to time that he is very special, she needs him in her life and he is the best man in the world.

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Characteristics Of Leo Woman In Love

Characteristics Of Leo Woman In Love

A Leo woman is kind hearted, sophisticated, and friendly. She possesses the ability to enjoy each moment of her routine life. She always takes interest in the activities of her husband, friends and relatives. Only a few Leo women live life as housewives.

Most of them want to achieve a high rank in educational career. Leo women do their work with great passion and very quickly. A Leo woman finds her partner by her own and usually proposes him first as she is not afraid of being rejected.

She is a very passionate lover and whenever her husband is in depression or trouble she knows very well how to take him out of it.

When a Leo woman is in a relationship she faces many troubles, sometimes she breaks up the relation or her partner leaves her. But when she marries someone, she never leaves him and proves to be an ideal wife.  Generally, a Leo woman needs a husband who bears her ruling attitude, knows her weaknesses and hides them.

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Positive Traits Of Leo

Positive Traits Of Leo

The Leos are always admired because of their kind-hearted, loving and helpful nature. These people always shower their affection on others. As the ruling planet of Leo is sun they are very energetic people and spread positives vibes around them.

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Leos are very optimistic people who do not get disappointed and disheartened easily. They always try to be on top. Also, they are very straightforward people who say what they want to and they do not use mincing words. Besides they are very loyal and trustworthy individuals who also demand the loyalty from the people associated with them.

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Negative Traits Of Leo

Negative Traits Of Leo

Leo people are headstrong and opinionated, once they make a decision it is very hard to convince them to change their decision. They possess a fragile ego which can become a hurdle in their way of success.

Since they hold the things very close to them which they own that is why they are very possessive and they are prone to jealousy. They love to give but when it is about sharing they do not come to it easily.

Also, they possess a dominating personality, they want to be in charge of everything and want others to follow them. They want to get things done quickly and want results as soon as possible.

Sometimes their haste leads them towards anxiety and even towards disappointment and failure.

Leos At Work

Leos At Work

As Leos always want to take the responsibility, they make very good managers and coordinators. They are very honest at work and they communicate very well and clear their point without any hesitation.

They love to take challenges which is why they are considered excellent workers at the work which is considered very hard. They are very ambitious and they desire to get an escalating position to perform important roles.

Note: Each individual has its own unique personality traits, no matter what his zodiac sign is. However, astrologers can find a pattern and common traits in the people that somehow, are true to some extent. Zodiac signs can be correct to some extent but do not rely on it to judge someone. In order to know someone, it is suggested to talk to that person.

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