Sports are very much necessary in life similar to food. As you can’t live without food similarly some people can’t live without playing different sports at which they are good at. Sports play a very important role in our life. They build you strong, teach you patience and teach you how to exactly tackle the situation whether you are winning or you are under pressure and are loosing.

What is the best time to travel for golf

There are many sports which you can choose to play, among all one of the most loving sport is golf. Golf is an extremely beautiful and most popular game. Players with a lot of patience can play it. There are various tournaments of golf all over the world. In this article, you will come to know about the best times to play golf in Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand.

Golf In Thailand

Golf is one of the most popular sports in Thailand. It arrived at Thailand a century ago. The first sponsors of the game were the Armed forces and the government. The game became even more popular when the first tournament was conducted in 1975 world cup. Thailand has some amazing courses where you can go and play.

Golf in Thailand

The best time to travel to Thailand for golf is in the cool season, from November to March a lot of players visit Thailand for the sake of Golf. People love the golf season in Thailand. Sometimes if you go offseason, it is very hot and wet, but in rainy months there is nothing to worry as the courses have good drainage systems so the rain will not be a reason to interrupt your game.

Golf In Vietnam

Vietnam is the perfect destination if you are a golf lover. Golf is a very famous and common sport in Vietnam. People from all over the world travel to Vietnam just to play golf. It has a tropical climate, from August through November, rains are expected, but who cares they have the best drainage systems and you can play very easily. If the rain stays for three to four days then the course takes some time to dry and you get a bit rest.

Winter is usually from November through April and is really cool during the and sometimes quite chilly during the nights. February and March are the two months which brings heavy rainfalls whereas May through October are quite warm, so you can plan your golf tour accordingly. There are some amazing and extremely beautiful golf resorts where you can go and stay for a tour in Vietnam. Some of them are listed below.

  • Tam Dao Golf Resort.
  • Sky Lake Golf Resort.
  • BRG King’s Island Golf Resort.
  • FLC Samson Beach and Golf Resort.
Golf in Vietnam

These are some extremely beautiful and best golf resorts in Vietnam where you definitely should plan to go for a golf tour.

Remember to do your booking on time as in the season there are a lot of players who have the pre-bookings.

Golf In Australia

Golf is a very high priority for the Australians. They love to play golf a lot. There are various numbers of tournaments in Australia in which golfers from all around the globe participate. The world super six Perth is an amazing new tournament, a six-hole knockout match play. There are other famous tournaments as well which take place throughout the year.

Golfing in Australia is loved by many people. Throughout the year people don’t stop playing golf in Australia. There are nearly 1457 golf courses around Australia.  PGA is one of the biggest golf events in which the best golfers compete against each other. Some of the amazing and beautiful golf courses are.

  • Royal Melbourne Golf club.
  • Kingston Heath, Melbourne.
  • New South Wales Golf cub.
  • Cape Wickham links.
  • The National (Moonah).

Golf In New Zealand

New Zealand is again one of the tremendous destinations for golf. It has an amazing climate. The golf continues in New Zealand throughout the year. There are various golf courses in New Zealand.  Golf is a very common sport there. A number of tournaments take place in New Zealand.

Golf in New Zealand

New Zealand has produced some amazing golf players, and there are much more to come. They encourage the youth to come up and show their talent. There are proper training classes for the capable ones. The golf season is amazing and full of thrill. Some best golf courses are following.

  • TaraIti.
  • Jack’s Point.
  • Cape Kidnappers.
  • Kauri Cliffs..
  • Kinloch

People come to play from all across the globe and not only the golfers but the people who have love and passion for the sport, travel miles just to watch the tournaments.

They came along with their families and they spent some amazing time there. Research has observed some amazing crowd in the famous golf tournaments as well as in the normal routine matches.

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