Costa Rica is one of the most attractive tourist places in America. Its natural landscapes and sports have become its dynamic importance and it makes perfect ways to have fun and enjoyment. Costa Rica is famous for the beaches. If you are fed up with your work and you need to take a break & want to sit in a place with no worries then Costa Rica is the best place to visit, to sit on a beach for several hours and enjoying life at its best.

When Is The Best Time To Travel Costa Rica

Its the perfect destination to visit in holidays but you have to make sure to book your hotels in advance so you get a perfect place to stay. However, it’s important to know when is the beat time to travel Costa Rica. If you want to know this you should go through this article which will help you to know when is the best time to visit it and what are the places you should visit.


Costa Rica goes through two season winter and summer. Summers is a dry season but not like that because it has less but have rainfalls due to which weather becomes pleasant. The rainy season begins in May and ends in November, between these months September and October have the frequent rainfalls and are the wettest months. The dry or summer season begins in December and runs through April. Make sure you plan your trip keeping the climate in your account so you can enjoy each of its bit.


These are the months in which most of the tourists visit Costa Rica and in these months prices are quite greater and there is an increase in occupancy rate. So, winter or rainy season is the best time to visit Costa Rica. However, it’s important to keep in mind that in the months of June and July tourists come because it coincides with northern hemisphere so prices rise. If you want to save money than the months of June and July are not best to travel.

Surfing And Hiking

The best time to travel Costa Rica depends upon your interest that what you want to do in that country. If your interest is to surf than the rainy season is the best to visit. If your plan is to visit the beaches of the Pacific ocean and the beaches of the Caribbean coast when the waves are increased. The waves are best in the dry season from December to April.

All the surfing lovers must the visit the place in the time span explained, there is a lot of fun. Many people from all over the world enjoy surfing in the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica.

The best season to visit the mountains of Costa Rica is rainy season especially when the rainfall starts because at that the view of the landscapes is just breathtaking. During this rainy season, the trees are leafy and green. There are also some disadvantages of this rainy season because streets are hampered by rains.


If you are in Costa Rica in winter, the best way to travel in is rustic vehicles. If your plan is to lie down on the sand and enjoy the natural weather than you must visit Costa Rica in the dry season, from December to April. However, don’t forget that this is the peak season of tourists and prices are quite higher so you must book the hotel in advance with good price. If you plan a trip to Costa Rica best time is when prices are low and when you could find a good hotel with much experience.


You can also find out some alternative methods such as Couch surfing. Its one of the best time to explore wildlife when monkeys and sloths are joined by migrant birds, humpback whales giving births to their young ones in the warm water, and it’s amazing to see turtles nesting on shores. Christmas and Eastern peak weeks are nearly twice more expensive than average months.


The best things to do in Costa Rica are waterfall rappel, hanging bridges, snorkeling, whitewater, mountain bike, trek and hike, kayaking, four wheelers and much more. Coffee tours are best in Costa Rica. Costa Rica gained fame as the natural destination with incredible wildlife watching in the rainforest and cloud forests. As tourism grew international resorts began sprouting on the amazing beaches. You should also visit your doctor to explain to you which time period is best for you.


The Caribbean island is a perfect place to go with family or friends. It has been developed very amazingly over the years and its government has placed a very strong emphasis on ensuring the security for its citizens. It is again a country with low risks. You can take a trip to its rain forests as well as wild flora and at the same time, you can spend time at San Joes listening to the old music.

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