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When Is The Best Time To Travel To Bali?

Bali has become one of most amazing and extremely beautiful place. This island is a major attraction for the tourists from all around the globe. It is a great place to spend your holidays on. It is located in Indonesia, this island has much to offer to tourists. This island is famous for its beautiful paradisaical beaches.

when is the best time to travel to bali

Travellers want to escape the busy routine and have some amazing moments in this amazing island. This island offers a variety of things, In this article, you will come to know about the best time to visit Bali and what are the most thrilling things there, which you can enjoy with your family and friends.


Bali has a tropical climate, so its temperature does not vary a lot throughout the year. It is always warm and the average temperature is 30°C. It is an island where you can experience a lot of heavy rainfalls and humidity in the rainy season whereas you will also experience fewer rainfalls and less humidity as well in the dry seasons.


The dry season is the ideal time to enjoy beautiful beaches without the risk of storms. However, storms tend to be intense but fleeting during the rainy season, so if you go during this season the climate may not be too big a problem.


Defining the best time to visit Bali is a little difficult as you have to know about the seasons and the months in which you are planning to travel, you also need to compare the season with months as when it will be a good time when there will be less tourist flux and it will obviously save your money, as the accommodation and other charges will be half.

The dry seasons run from September to May in Bali, whereas the rainy season is from October to April whereas a little rainfall is expected in the last months.


Besides the climate to discover about the best time to visit Bali, you should know about the high seasons, so you can travel without any tension at the back of your mind about the life savings or money. Travelling for fun must be the reason to go to different places, instead of getting mentally stressed due to money problems.


December and January are the peak months. The tourists from around the world go to Bali to spend the Christmas holidays. Similarly, in the months of August and July, a lot of tourists visit Bali due to the perfect weather to enjoy the beaches. In order to save money, you should not visit this island at any cost in these months.

 To enjoy the weather as well as to get lower rates without wasting the sunny mornings, you can travel to this amazing island in the months of April, May, June or September.

About Bali

Bali is a well-known island located in Indonesia. It has a number of beautiful beaches. Some neighboring islands are;

  • Notably Nusa Penida.
  • Nusa Lembongan.
  • Nusa Ceningon.
romantic destination

This island is a home to most of the Indian minorities. This island has a lot of activities as well. Bali is considered as one of the most romantic islands and that is why it is a top destination for Honeymoon in Asia.

Things To Do In Bali

Aside from shopping, relaxing and dining, Bali offers a lot of thrilling activities. Following are some mentioned below.

Try Surfing

Bali has been drawing in surfers since 90’s. Kuta beach is one of the most amazing places to clean your hands on boards if you have a surfing craze. There is a training institute as well, basically, they are the guides and they help you. Whereas for the pros Uluwatu and other neighbouring islands are more thrillings.


Enjoy The Beaches

There are many beaches on and around the island. They all are perfect in their unique ways. Kuta beach is famous for the sunbathing and the nightlife, like partying beside the river or maybe having a BBQ with friends. If you don’t like to be completely social then you can go to either Seminyak or Legian just to relax with a completely peaceful and enjoyable environment.


See The Interior

The lush interior of Bali is enjoyable the lakes, volcanoes and the rice terraces are perfect to visit. Fortunately, Bali is not a very big island and the places like rainforrests and other major attractions can be visited easily plus you will be having a lot of time to discover more.

villas interior

Diving And Snorkeling

As there are a number of beaches in Bali, how come it is possible that there is no diving or snorkeling spot? Well, the divers would love to know that the diving in Bali is even cheaper than Thailand. Nusa Penida is the neighbouring island of Bali and it offers the best diving place. Tourists love this activity and they always look forward to visiting Nusa Penida.

This island is a must visit and is cheaper in the months, which we have talked about. Make sure you travel at that time and save the money and enjoy completely.
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