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When To Say I Love You? Right Time To Express Your Feelings With Someone

It is not necessary to put on a ring and say I Love You. Neither it is easy to sit and express yourself this is how much I Admire You! The confusion of saying those 3 words in a relationship is argumentative. Then When to Say I Love You?
Expressing your emotions in a relationship is a turning point, things will be on the next level. Waiting too long or expressing it too soon, both can cause a destructive relationship. Though every person has their perspective of When to say I Love You?
when to say I love you
In the end, it is a person’s feeling and subconscious how does he or she feel for someone. This article has an insight into expressing your affection in a relationship. Also some real stories and psychologists’ advice for a relationship.

What is Love?

Love is a feeling. It is a set of emotions, behavior, beliefs linked with affection. It is an unconditional feeling. That can be your Pet, Best Friend, Life Partner, Parents anyone.

While talking to random people I asked, What is love for them? Everyone responded. I am sharing a few responses with you:

  • It means Honesty, If a person is honest with you there are feelings of passion. Not being judgemental. But most important Honesty.
  • RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT! Respecting each other in every way. Opinion, thinking, as a person.
  • If you are truly emotional about someone or something. It feels like you are breathing for the first time. Love is very romantic!
  • Friendship!
  • Doing things unconditionally for someone.

what is love

  • Sexual desire.
  • When you get excited to see someone, like to spent time. A long walk. Or when small talks do not excite you anymore.
  • Eagerly wait for someone’s one text, call or meeting.
  • Falling in attachment gives you Butterflies in stomach!!!! IT IS THE MOST ASTOUNDING TOUCH IN THE WORLD.

Right Time to Say I Love You

No doubt, people are not sure when to say they admire someone and have feelings for anyone. They might also take it as an attraction or lust rather than love. In this confusion of feelings, they destruct their compatibility with the other being.

Different people have different views on love. When to express, when to consider, how do you feel for a specific person? The opinion does matter but there is a person’s gut feeling that should be considered.

Following are experts opinion on when to say I Love you:

Mutual Feelings

As you start to know someone give yourself and your relationship time. Time to understand things and other person’s feelings.

Suspect feelings of others too. It is safe if the same feelings are coming back to you. Though sometimes it is better to express if you feel you can gain their affection. Only show your affection if you are comfortable with them.

Do not push yourself to say I Love You, it should come right from your heart.

Say When You ” Feel ” So

Only a person knows what he or she feels for the person. Do not fool yourself on temporary feelings. Sometimes people are so happy they tend to act like they are falling in love.

Yet, later when they are out of the fantasy world relationship gets worse. Feelings do come instantly. You start feeling butterflies in the stomach. Suspect your gut feeling do not wait too long to share your feelings.

Go with the flow!

Don’t be so quick!

Although it is advised to say when you start feeling but don’t be so quick. You may sound desperate. Your intentions might be taken wrong.

I would recommend looking for signs in your better-half/partner do they share the same feelings or not. Avoid it to say to the person you have just met.

Saying i admire you

Invest yourself in a person who cares for you and respects your feelings.

Make the Right Time

Love is a beautiful feeling until its genuine right from our heart. Be real and say I Love You. Waiting for the right time can be inauthentic.

Despite the fact, the other person is not ready but it will encourage them to open up their sentiments too. We do not know what tomorrow will bring.

The best moment is now to genuinely express your feelings.

You Trust Your Partner and Feel Comfortable Around Them

Trust is an important element. Otherwise, the relationship won’t last long. Feeling secure and trusting your significant other it is the time to express it.  Mutual feelings and comfort level in a relationship leads to commitment.

If you can do weird stuff and have trust in your partner its time to spill the beans on how you feel about them!!

First I Love You! Story

This is the short story of a dear friend of mine, I am sharing it with you guys.

College days and friends the best days of my life. I and my BFF (A girl!) had been together for a long time. There was mutual compatibility. We used to have lots of fun and good time together. 

Then One day our friendship turned to a relationship (LOVE!). I had that feeling of love for months but I took the time to express it. From that day saying those three words were not in a casual way! We mean it. I can’t forget that moment.

First I love you

The thing is that say it when you feel from heart, make a commitment, and take the responsibility to carry it not as a burden. No matter who says it first and who says it more.

To truly love someone you should know them. To know each other you have to live together. It feels scary for the first time expressing your feelings. But it is worth it to speak your heart out.

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