Have you ever heard of Monaco before and you do not know how and where to find it on maps? You don’t worry as everyone has an issue exploring the world’s smallest country. In this TryArticles article, “Where is Monaco located? -Map, Pictures, and Advice” we will help you in exploring Monaco through maps, images, and some relevant data about the country.

Where Is Monaco Located

The first general question in the minds of various people occurs that where is Monaco located in France? or where is Monaco located on a map of Europe? In this article, we’ll try to cover all your questions by stating various facts and accurate figures regarding Monaco.

Monaco’s Geographic Location

The government of Monaco is an autonomous city-state, which means it was designated a rule of law by Western Europe. Currently, the truth about Monaco is that it’s the second smallest country while Monaco population density according to a recent report is 38,823. Monaco’s coastline is just 4.1km long.

Monaco's location
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Monaco’s geographical boundaries encompass a 5.5 km land border with France and, in turn, it is located very close to the French-Italian border. People talk about the capital of Monaco, it is  Monaco and it has eleven parts, though they all are cities of Monaco and are not considered as villages.

Where Is Monaco Exactly?

Monaco is a land that has a surface area of 2 km², located off the Blue Coast of the Mediterranean Sea, encompassing the foothills of the Alps. Monaco-Ville is the capital of the State of Monaco, which also incorporates the residential district of Monte Carlo, where there are the famous casino and Formula 1 circuit.

formula 1
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Highlights of Monaco

As we have explained the location of Monaco, now its time to state some Monaco facts, especially if you are planning a trip to Monaco. A general question in your mind arises when you think about visiting Monaco that what languages are spoken in Monaco? Basically French is the official language of Monaco and Euro is its currency neglecting the fact that this is not within European Union.

It’s worth noting that its government includes a monarchy with the oldest dynastic line in the world. The Grimaldi family a renowned one of that time has reigned in this territory since long i.e 1297, and it is currently under the reign of King Albert II of Monaco.

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Tourism is the main source of income for this state. Monte Carlo’s Casino dates back to 1868 and is one of the main tourist attractions, together with the country’s opulent surroundings. Majority of people, celebrities and millionaires spend their summers in Monaco very happily or have even moved home to live in permanently because of the fact that income is tax-free there which is a big thing.

About Monaco

Monaco is an extremely amazing place which invites people from all over the world. It consists of many beautiful places and people love to see them, that is the major reasons why the ratio of tourists in Monaco is increasing. There are some beautiful palaces to visit some amazing day trips, some amazing nature parks are there as well which attracts tourists. Some beautiful places are.

  • Prince’s palace
  • Oceanographic museum
  • Casino square
  • Japanese garden
  • Monte Carlo
  • Monaco Ville
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These places are a must visit whenever you make your mind to travel to Monaco.


There are some amazing activities you can do in Monaco. If you are a car lover what else you need, you can drive your favorite dream cars in Monaco. What else you want, you are on a trip to one of the most beautiful places and you are driving your dream car over there. Isn’t it something.

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You can have some amazing adventures as well. You can hike around in the mountainous area. For all the surfers out there, it is a great opportunity for you all, you can surf in the most beautiful beaches around Monaco and have a wonderful experience.

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If you are a diver and you love sea life. Yes, definitely you are at the right place. Monaco offers some extremely beautiful spots for the divers as well as you can do snorkeling. The equipment is easily available and you can enjoy it at your best and it is not much expensive as well.

Interesting Facts

You can see the beautiful buildings in Monaco. Some amazing museums and palaces as well. Monaco is no doubt amazing when it comes to taste. There are a variety of Restaurants where you can go with your loved ones and you can have your meal with extra ordinary taste.

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The free roaming in Monaco is extremely adventurous. You can walk through the streets exploring different places and as well as see their culture and traditions live. You can also have a bicycle ride through the streets of Monaco.

Another good thing about Monaco which is mostly loved by women is there beautiful shops having a variety of items. There are a variety of shops in Monaco where you can get some amazing stuff which maybe is not available in your country. The best part is that they are not very expensive though.

Beautiful Monaco
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