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Where To Go Hiking In Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is one of the Caribbean’s treasures for great panoramic views. Its beautiful and attractive landscapes make it an increasingly popular place for hiking lovers visiting from all over the world.

Boasting both mountainous and coastal terrain and gives a chance to see numerous waterfalls and exotic wildlife. It is quite understandable why many of us are seeking for amazing trails but the world offers us a lot so it becomes difficult to choose a perfect trail.

Where To Go Hiking In Puerto Rico

Basically, there are many amazing places in Puerto Rico which you will find extremely tremendous and you would love to go hiking there with your friends or family members.

There are a lot of scenic views and amazing waterfalls perfect beach spots and many more. Once you are on the track and have started your hike your eyes will start seeing the wonders of that place and you will be amazed by the real beauty.

When To Hike In Puerto Rico

One of the most important things to bear in mind when planning the trip to Puerto Rico is to avoid hurricane season. Naturally, it will put a little dampener on your hiking and it’s potentially dangerous as well. So travelling in Puerto Rico in the moths of September and October is not suggested.

Visiting this place in summers also give us plenty of opportunities to camp at various hiking sights, and for sure this experience not be missed.

When to Hike

Planning a hiking trip in Puerto Rico is avoiding the hurricane season. Puerto Rico is one of the most loving places for hiking lovers as well as nature lovers. It is recommended to visit that place in the months of summer to avoid hurricanes and to enjoy the beauty of Puerto Rico. In summers it also provides with all the basic facilities to camp at various sights.

EI Yunque

The national forest in fact only the rainforest on the land of US is just to the east of Puerto Rico capital  San Juan. The national park is a trek of different paths for the most experienced to the less experienced hikers.

The big tree trail is the less strenuous walk to picturesque La Mina falls and a little further is La coca falls, it’s beautiful and refreshing waterfall – great for cooling off, those hikers who wanted a difficult or tough trail should try the El Toro, a walk that leads through several areas of the diverse forest before leading you out onto Pico El Toro i.e. the highest peak in the national park.


Bosque Estatal De Guanica

While going to the south-east of San Juan is the beautiful Guanica biosphere reserve a much more humid landscape of Puerto Rico. This reserve provides the several fairly easy hikes all of which shows the beautiful scenes and a perfect picnic spot.

While none of these types of trails are much challenging as its atmosphere is dry and hot and humidity is at the peak so you must carry your water bottles with you to ensure that it will help you if you get tired or there are enough heat and humidity due to hot climate.

Bosque Estatal De Guanica

So the scene in Puerto Rico is like a reward they are just amazing and eye-catching. In these specific types of areas where you go for hiking, you find many rare species of birds so keep your eyes peeled, and keep searching for the most amazing species.

You will see a lot there and you will be amazed to see the real beauty. This land offers a lot more, you can also do other adventurous activities there.

Bosque Estatal De Guajataca

Guajataca forest reserve is one of the must-see forests in Puerto Rico. The first trail of this for hikers leads right out to la Cueva del Viento it’s an eerily dark but an impressive cave which is filled with stalagmites and various funnels. Hikers are free to explore this forest but make sure that they carry a map with them and of course a torch too.

There are also several hiking trails within this forest so a whole day is required to visit and explore this whole forest and taking in the scenery. There is also the availability of accommodation many guest houses are there to provide accommodation to the tourists or hikers who wanted to stay longer in order to visit lakes, perfect areas for a cooling swim after a long hike.

Bosque Estatal De Guajataca
These are only three hiking areas of many available in Puerto Rico. Its a country with many opportunities for outdoor adventurers. Hiking is an excellent way to spend time with your family and friends and also enjoy the scenes and discover the world at the same time but in all this, you make sure that you stay safe because a life is more important than anything else.

Hiking is definitely an amazing activity and going to hike to a next level place like Puerto Rico should be on top of the list and your most top priority. Research in this area has shown that this place is actually very beautiful and perfect for the adventure trips especially if you go for hiking. This place has a lot to discover, so don’t wait and plans your hike to Puerto Rico.

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