How to Use Whey Water after Making Paneer?

First things first: What is Whey Water? It is the yellowish liquid left after you make paneer. Most people just discard it because they don’t know any use for it. But actually, This water has a lot of uses.

It is filled with proteins and has a lot of healthy benefits! It helps cleanse the body, improve digestion, flush out the kidneys and bladder and cause weight loss and increase muscle mass.

Things in which you can use Whey Water

Following are the list of products that can be prepared with whey water.

1. Making Rotis and Baking

Not only rotis, really any kind of bread that you can think of, you can use whey water instead of plain water to make them. It will give the rotis an amazing flavor and make them soft. The same goes for baking. If you’re baking stuff like cupcakes, muffins, cakes etc. just use this water instead of plain old water and your cakes will be so much more tasty and healthy. You can even use it to replace milk.

Roti with whey water

2. As a Broth

You can use water of Whey as a base for boiling rice, pasta or vegetables. Add as little or as much water as required and boil your edibles in it. You will feel the difference.

3. Add to Juices

While making any fruit juices, you can add whey water instead of simple water, this will give your juice extra proteins. And make it even healthier.

4. Making Soup

This water can be a good substitute for chicken or vegetable broth in making soups. It will add protein to your soup and give it a great flavor. A soup made with Whey water can be very beneficial in losing weight.

Soup with whey water

5. Making Gravy

A lot of South Asian dishes have gravy in them. And the natives prefer a sour and spicy taste. Different spices are used to give the gravy the sour taste. But you can substitute the spices for whey water and get just as amazing an effect.

6. Whey Water for your Dog

You can add this water to your dog’s food to give it extra proteins which are very good for your dog. You can add it to dry food or pour it into the cooked meal. This can help improve your dog’s health.

7. Watering Your Plants

You can water your plants with this water. But you must make sure to first dilute it with normal water as the vinegar in whey water may be damaging to your plants.

8. Washing Your Hair

This water is rich in proteins and helps make your hair glossy. Apply whey water after shampooing your hair. Leave in for 20 minutes and then rinse off.

Whey water for hair

9. Using for Skin

This water is very useful for cleansing, softening and moisturizing your body. It helps improve your skin and hair. To have this benefit, you can use your bathtub. Add 2 cups of this water in a bathtub full of water. Soak in it for half an hour. Then take your normal bath. You will feel the difference in your skin.

Bathing in whey water

We hope this article helped you guys. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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