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Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers?

Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers? It is the natural reaction of cats to anything that snakes upon them without making any noise. Cats tend to be scared of an unknown thing as it could display the danger of a predator. Also, in the case of cucumber, it displays the danger of a snake. 

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers

Do you ever experience seeing your cat afraid of a cucumber and wondering why it is so?  Then this article will provide you a detailed guideline on why are cats afraid of cucumber. So if you are interested to know why you should not scare your cat with cucumber then read the article till the end.

Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers?

Cats are alert and sharp animal and they always keep their guard up. Besides they have very good situational awareness. So anything sneaking up on a cat can potentially terrify and scared the cat. If you have never seen cat videos or do not have a cat as a pet you probably might not know this fact.

Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers

You can see a lot of videos of pets where you can see the thumbnails of videos entitled cats scared of cucumbers compilation. By seeing those videos you will be shocked to know that cats are actually scared of cucumber. 

You may find these videos funny but not many of us could not understand why a seemingly harmless green object could cause a strong reaction from your feline friends. All this is because cats are scared of anything that snakes upon them. Moreover, they considered it as a sign of danger. Most probably they take cucumber as a snake which can potentially harm them.

Why Cats Are Scared Of Objects Sneaking Up On Them?

Eventually, it is not only the cucumber placed superstition behind a cat but of course, there are many things that sneak up on a cat could potentially scare them. You might have seen some videos in which cats get scared of cucumbers when cucumber is deliberately put behind cats while they are enjoying their meal.

Why Cats Are Scared Of Objects Sneaking Up On Them

Cats only eat when they are sure that there is no potential danger by anything or anyone in the place. In other words, cats associate their food station as an area where they are perfectly secure and safe.

Not only cats but also many animals eat only when there is no physical threat around them. When a cat finds a green cucumber lying on the floor behind them without making any noise, it scares them. Besides, it freaked out the cat because the cat did not expect it to be behind them.

It is the reaction because of the unexpectedness and novelty of finding an unusual object place behind them while their heads are down in the food bowl.

According to Doctor Roger Mugford who is an animal behavior specialist, cats freak out by seeing cucumber lying on the floor behind them because of the shared novelty of the whole thing.

Why Cats Associate Cucumbers With Snake?

Why are cats are so scared of cucumber is because they may associate cucumber with a snake.  Snake is a deadly predator that can attack and eat cats.

Why Cats Associate Cucumbers With Snake

According to Jill Goldman who is a certified animal behaviorist in Southern California, cucumbers may seem like a snake to a cat because of its green and elongated exterior.

Why You Should Not Scare A Cat With Cucumber?

You may laugh real hard by seeing a cat jump in the air out of sheer scariness but it is not actually amusing at least for the cat that is being subjected to this joke.

Why You Should Not Scare A Cat With Cucumber

As mentioned earlier cats get really frightened by the sudden appearance of a green object which triggers their natural reaction and makes them want to get away as soon as they can. While trying to get away from the green object some cats can hurt others in the place or even injure themselves.

Moreover, your cat may also get prolonged stress.  Trying to scare like this is not just wrong but actually cruel. That is why if you want your cat not to be scared of cucumber it is best to introduce cucumber to your pet gradually.  And make sure you do it from a safe distance.

So it is clear that a cat freaks out by seeing a cucumber because it displays a danger of a predator, usually of a snake. Besides anything that doesn’t make sounds and lay behind a cat unexpectedly can cause it to be freaking out. Make sure not to scare your cat with cucumber as it can cause an injury or stress on your cat.

I hope you like my post about why are cats afraid of cucumbers. If you have any queries or want to share your suggestions then write them down in the comment section. We will be waiting to hear from you. You can also read:


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