Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?: Cat’s whiskers are not for fashion. They are an important part of their bodies. Whiskers, also known as vibrissae are quite helpful for cats in a lot of ways. They let the cats see in the dark and protect them from hungry predators.

Whiskers or Tactile Hairs are thick, flexible and long mustache like the hair on cat’s face. These are in horizontal form and are slightly harder than the rest of the body hair.

why do cats have whiskers

Whiskers are not the hair that can be cut. They are rooted very deep in the cat’s face. They come from the roots that are rich in blood vessels and nerves.

What Are Whiskers?

Whiskers are very sensitive hair that grows on cat’s muzzle. They are slightly thicker and harder than the rest of the hair on the body. Each of these hair is a gland that is filled with nerves. When you brush these whiskers along something even dark, cats can easily detect the object.

This is a very interesting quality of cats. It helps the cat is trying to figure out whether they can fit in the space or not. Whiskers also help in detecting the air currents that let cats know that the danger is approaching them or not.


Apart from mustache whiskers, cats may also have this hair on their eyebrows, back of their front leg and on their chin. Yet, the most common ones are the facial vibrissae. They are good for cat’s mood indication, measuring an opening and navigation.

Vibrissae is very sensitive and they can detect the slightest changes in the environment. In the night these whiskers help the kitty in slinking their way and not bumping into anything. These whiskers are the air current detectors. Whenever a cat walks through something he knows where to turn because of the change in the air current around the objects.

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Cats have whiskers because they are the indicators that there is any danger ahead. Not only cats but many other mammals have whiskers. Vibrissae in cats are very good mood indicators. If they are pulled back it means the cat is angry or feeling defensive. However, if the cat is happy, energetic and content the whiskers will be elongated, relaxed and pushed forward.


The important reason for having the vibrissae is that they help cats in the dark. Vibrissae can judge that the cat is feasible for an opening or not. Vibrissae are sort of a ruler that is rough and wide. Their tips are sensitive to any pressure. You might have noticed that cats stick their head in and out while going somewhere.

A cat does this because he is judging the area of the opening. Their whiskers detect whether they can fit in the opening or not. Another interesting fact about cats is that they don’t have collar bone like humans. This lets them turn their way anytime and anywhere through narrow openings.

Why You Shouldn’t Cut Your Cat’s Whiskers?

You might have ever thought of cutting your cat’s whiskers. Some cats have annoying tactile hair that many people cut them off. Some cats have curly whiskers so people cut them thinking that they might come straight next time. You are wrong!

Tactile hair

Cutting the cat’s whiskers might be risky as they are the mood indicators. If you trim your cat’s vibrissae, cats may become very aggressive and scared. Whiskers let cats get their way right and get a strong sense of environment.

It is a big no. You cannot cut your cat’s whiskers. Whiskers are their sensory organs. If you cut them your cat will lose its sense of roaming around in the dark. These are receptors that let your catwalk in the darkness.

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