Cats or Feline are cute mysterious pets. Cats love to sit in cozy warm places. It is said cats might not only love boxes they need them. Let’s look at how true the fact is.

Why do cats love boxes

Vets and animal researchers have done some interesting behavioral research. There are many other weird behaviors observed in cats.

Cats like trap hunting hence they find small places to hide and attack. Boxes can be of any size and shape. The following are 7 main reasons why do cats love to sit in a small cozy box.

7 Reasons Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

Have you played a game word pairing? Peanut and Butter, Love and Marriage, Lightening and Thunder, Book and Pencil, Music and Dace what else? Yeah, you got it! Cats and Boxes.

Cats have some kind of obsession with the boxes, Here are a few reasons why is it so?

#1 Fun to Play

Cats love cuddling and joyful environment. They like small toys in their homes. The number one reason is that they sit inside to play and have fun in a cozy place.

Give your cat a small ball or stuff toy in a box. Your cat will feel like she is in Disneyland.

#2 Cats like a Warm and Cozy Environment

Like human beings, animals also live at a moderate temperature. An interesting fact that cats are comfortable in temperature between 30 Degree Celsius to 36 Degree Celsius.

Yet normally home temperature is around 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.  That is why cats like to sit in a box rather than outside of the box.

cat obsessed with box

A box of thick material is great for the cats.

#3 Sleep

Fancy accessories are a waste of money on cats. Cat beds are easy to make at home with reusable items. The cardboard box is the best thing to make a cozy bed for your cat.

Cats will sleep better in a box as they will feel more safe and warm. Not only boxes any kind of closed place will work for your cat. Just put a soft blanket for your cat in that place and you are done!

#4 Kitties Like to Stalk from Inside a Box

Cats are great hunters. They stalk their victims smartly. Cats hide inside a box and jump out of the box to catch the target.

#5 Safety

Security is one of the main reasons why cats are attracted to boxes. Cats feel safe in a box because no one can sneak into from behind left or right. They have a full focus in front of them.

There has been an observation. Two groups of cats were observed. One group was in a box while the other was not. Both of them were under stress. It was observed that cats hiding in a box showed less stress than the other group of cats.

#6 Chewing and Scratching 

Cats like to scratch and bite. Cardboard material is perfect for cats to sit in otherwise they might ruin your carpet or flooring.

Many cat owners say that cats like to sit in boxes is that they like to bite and scratch them.

Even a plain box is a toy for cats. Your cat can spend their day with a box.

#7 Cats Love Boxes Because it Reduces Stress 

Many experts say whenever you think your cat is in stress. They suggest that make a home out of the box. Box helps to reduce cat stress.

Cats can not resolve problems hence they tend to hide in a box. They feel better while hiding in a box.

cat house

These are the few main reasons cats love boxes.

A DIY Box for Kitty

Do you have a cat or kitten at your home? There is no need to buy an expensive home or accessories for her. We will guide you to make a cozy place for a kitty.

Things Needed:

  • Cardboard Box
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Buttons
  • Fabric
  • Cushion


  • Put your box on fabric. Center your box on top of it later you will have to wrap it.
  • Open the cover of a box.
  • Glue the edge of the fabric.
  • Start wrapping the box.
  • Now place a soft cushion inside the box.

cats like boxes

Your box is ready! Now your cat will sit in the box happily. There are many other ideas for making a cat house with a box.

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