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Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails? Some Serious Issue OR Just To Have Fun

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails: Dogs are man’s best friend. They can entertain you by providing all the fun. Dogs can make even the most serious people laugh. The funniest thing a dog can do is chasing his own tail. Many dogs chase their own tails by spinning in circles. They try to catch their tails and bite them.

Have you ever wondered why your dog is obsessed with his own tail? Chasing tails are called whirling. It is common among dogs, they usually chase their tails due to many reasons. One very simple reason is that they do it to seek your attention.

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails

Moreover, there can be many other reasons why dogs chase their tails? Some of the possible reasons are given below in this article.

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails

Mentioned below are some possible reasons for dogs chasing their tails:

Out of Boredom Dogs chase their tails

Many dogs chase their tails out of boredom. This activity is their type of fun. Mostly puppies chase their tails. They do not realize that the tail is part of their body. Puppies see their tails as a toy and try to catch it or bite it.

dog chases tail

In this case, you have to give your pet time. Have different activities with him and try to spend some quality time. Only in this way, he will stop this unpredictable and harmful behavior of biting his tail.

Give your pet different toys, so he will never get bored. If a dog is stuck in the same place for the whole day, he might get bored. Treats can also distract your dog from the same boring routine.

Dogs want Attention

Do you watch your dog chasing his tail and enjoy this activity? If he receives a positive response from you while spinning. This causes your dog to do it repeatedly when he needs to divert your attention.

puppy chasing tail

Dogs expect from their owners to play with him, so give them quality time.

Dog Fleas

Fleas are the tiny biting insects. You can find them on the skin or on tails of the dogs. These insects cause aggressive itching in dogs. So, if your dog is chasing his tail, fleas can be one possible reason. You cannot easily find a flea on your dog, because only one flea is enough to cause extreme itching.

Dog chasing its tail

To get rid of fleas in dogs, you must consult your vet. There are many vaccinations and treatments to remove them.

Old Age Dogs Chase Their Tails

According to the researchers of VCA Mission Animal Referral and Emergency Center, old age dogs usually chase their tails. As they are not aware of their body parts. Old dog minds are not as sharp as they were at a young age. So they try to figure out what is it. They think their tail is chasing them everywhere, so they try to catch it.

dog chasing tail

Old age dogs may return to the same behavior of their youth such as tail chasing. So, if you notice such behavior, it is advisable to see your vet and explain him everything.

Anal Gland Issues with Dogs

Pups might appear to chase their tails when their butt hole is inflamed or swollen. They try to reach their butt but appear to chase their tails. If you observe your pup is rubbing his butt on the carpet you have to consult your vet.

why dogs chase their tails

In anal gland expression, your pup may leak liquid from this butt hole. That liquid can be very smelly. If you notice all this happening, immediately go to see a doctor.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Researchers of VCA Mission Animal Referral and Emergency Center says dogs can suffer from OCD same like human beings. They explained “A dog suffering from separation anxiety may chase his tail like a nervous person bites his nails. Another dog may chase his tail when over-excited by the presence of a visitor, or an animal or bird in the yard.”

ocd in dogs

Dogs suffer from OCD because of many possible reasons like physical abuse, trauma or injury. Anxiety is one of the main reasons for OCD.

Genetics of Dogs

Terriers and German shepherds try to chase their tails more as compared to other breeds of dogs. Even when they grow older, they still chase their tails. Tail chasing happens when dogs are trapped in the same house for a long time.

dog chasing tail

As a responsible pet owner, you should engage your pet in different activities or exercises. Dogs enjoy playing with a stick or ball. So, keep them busy and they will forget about chasing their tails.

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